Portable 3DS News Jump Starts Nintendo Cottage Industry

Nintendo isn't the only company seeing a jump in value after announcing that they plan to release a 3D version of their popular DS portable console.

Bloomberg reports that companies that provide parts to Nintendo have also soon a jump in value, some as much as 10 per cent, after news of the 3DS broke.

"It's revolutionary that we can enjoy 3-D games without glasses," Yumi Nishimura, an equity-market analyst at Daiwa Securities SMBC Co, told Bloomberg. "The new console will spur sluggish sales of game consoles and lead to expanded business opportunities for parts suppliers."

So now it's not good enough that the 3DS bolsters Nintendo's financial portfolio, it has to spur sales for all game consoles?

Good luck with that.

Nintendo Suppliers' Shares Jump on 3-D Game Console


    Always love it when financial analysts discuss the games industry. Very good for a laugh

    How do you reckon they pulled it off? Face reconition, using that to set up a virtual IR light point to track from. I spose it'd be hard to work it in well, without poo tracking.

    2 Words: Virtual Boy

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