Portal 2 Coming To A Mac Near You

The issue of Game Informer blowing the lid off Valve's Portal 2 is now in people's hands, and those people are scouring it for details. Most important of which is confirmation the game is going to be available on Mac.

Not the world's greatest surprise, what with Valve's not-so-subtle teasing last week, but the thing with teasing - and not outright announcing - is that official confirmation still has to come somewhere down the line. And Game Informer's preview of the game is just that.

According to scans from the latest issue, in the details section of the mag's preview, Mac is clearly listed under the "platforms" section, alongside PC and Xbox 360. Should make airport lounge wait times on my Macbook a lot more enjoyable than they are at the moment.

While you let this news soak in, why not read up on everything we know so far about Portal 2.

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    Dont most Mac and Macbook owners run Windows 7?

      The ones I know sure do, they use their Macs as little LANbooks whenever we meet up.

        I do that. would help a lot when i dont hav e to reboot into win7

      Yeah, I run Vista64.

      I'm a MAC but I'm really a PC gamer.

    This is good news, any word Luke on if Valve might announce steam at the GDC?

    What no PS3? I'd even be happy with an EA port...:(

      Valve said they weren't going to do any more PS3 games, after the fiasco with the orange box. At least 'for now'...

      Very, VERY meh announcement for me, a dedicated valve fan.

      A sequel to a great-yet-horribly-overrated game on a platform that myself and any other old school gamers will never ever use, and STILL NO FUCKING WORD ABOUT EPISODE 3!!!!

        Actually Steven, Gabe recently said that, though they are currently not investign in the PS3 at this time they may look into it in the future. (wouldn't get my hopes up though, as Valve barely supports consoles as is)

        From Valve's Tom Leonard:

        "The PC and the 360 are just more straightforward," claimed Tom, simply. "We can focus on what we want to do, which is make game experiences, instead of sweating bullets over obscure architectural decisions they make with their platform."

        "I didn't come into this business in the 90s because of some technical fetish. I came in because I wanted to give people experiences that made them have fun."

        Yeah you can't blame Valve for not making any new games for the PS3, given that it seems to be very hard to develop for. They seem to go by the "if you can't do it well, don't do it at all" theory, which is why they're so successful now, let's face it. Sucks to be a PS3 gamer though!

        If you're looking for someone to blame, blame Sony for not making a developer-friendly console.

        Didn't you hear? Valve gave episode 3 to the Duke Nukem Forever team.

    That's cool, I thought they were going to announce some sort of crossover thing so you could play all their games, but oh well... I'll still be getting it on 360 :p

    That's great. I am yet to download Windows, and thought I would miss out because they weren't going to make it for PS3. Hopefully it comes out the same time as the Windows and 360 version.

    Certainly they're losing more sales by not having a PS3 version than they are gaining by having a mac version?
    Any people who play games and use mac run windows anyway

    But hey, lazy developer is lazy. A sentence which i never thought i'd attribute to Valve.

    And while i'll still probably buy it on PC, i would have loved that off-line co-op. Seems i'll have to settle with playing with randoms online

    May as well let the Xbox have two exclusives worth playing ;)

      Certainly not. Portal was a game that was INCREDIBLY popular with the apple crowd. It's viral, dark humour and simple game play hit the 'geek chic' audience in all the right spots.

      Many of my friends that are 'geeks' but not really into video games were huge into portal because of this, and a lot of them own macs.

      Portal is a very casual game, If you want proof, next time you are at a birthday party and the cake is served, say 'But i thought the cake was a lie?' and be stunned at how many people get the reference.

      PS3 owners, on the other hand, are generally more oriented towards Japanese culture and hard core games, and aren't as big a target market as the Mac crowd.

      PS: Don't post saying 'i'm a PS3 owner and i would play portal 2', i'm sure you would, i'm just commenting on general trends of console users.

        I don't think Portal is a, quote un-quote, "casual game". It is a very accesible game and, therefore, playable by the non-gaming community. However, the core game play mechanics and deeply entrenched Half Life 2 story arcs create, for me, a much more hardcore game.

        Also, once you start getting into the Advanced and challenge modes, it definitely becomes a more hardcore experience...

        Otherwise, I totally agree :P

    Not a hardcore computer gamer (tend to stick to consoles, computer's for work and study) but I think this might be my first Mac game buy.

    screw portal! and screw left 4 dead! i want half life 3!

      I said the exact same thing yesterday.

    I love that pic, i think it's te best Mac Vs PC pic i've ever seen. Both do much the same jobs (shotting bullets) but one looks alot nicer then the other, and one of them can be upgraded to have 2 minni guns and a rocket launcher.

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