Portal 2 Hijacks Blue Screen Of Death For E3 Hype

Portal 2 Hijacks Blue Screen Of Death For E3 Hype

Valve played it cute at tonight’s Game Developers Choice Awards, rigging up a fake Blue Screen Of Death during boss Gabe Newell’s time on stage. Course, it wasn’t just a BSOD. It also contained some cryptic Portal 2 marketing.

A poster over on Penny Arcade has cracked the code contained within the message (pictured above), a short statement from Valve (or GlaDOS!) buried beneath the jokes lying on the surface. Always pays to have someone able to translate hex to EBCDIC around at a time like this.

Their translation reads:


A fatal exception (S) has occurred at (U)(S) : (P)(E)(N)(D) in (U)(N )(T)((I)) *

(L)(E)(E)(E). The current application will be terminated.

* Press any key to flood the facility with deadly neurotoxins.

* Press CTRL+ALT+DEL again to reinstate testing. You will lose any

Non-vital personnel and their progress through the current test.

Press any key to continue _

Looks like we’re on hold until E3, so all you kids neck-deep in Valve’s clever marketing for the game, take a breather, we’ll reconvene in June.

[Penny Arcade]


  • I remember reading someone’s theory about Portal, that Chell was an android constantly rebuilt and going through the tests until she succeeded reaching and destroying GLaDOS, in an apparently subtle suicidal ploy by the computer. I don’t believe it, but I find it amusing that C+A+D message there would be quite appropriate for the theory.

    In any case… if I could have a company’s babies, I’d have Valve’s. How I love them so.

  • Whilst I would be completely lost in this form of marketing, it’s a very impressive way to get a community involved in a game’s release.

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