Portal Mysteriously Updated With Secret Radio Codes, New Achievement

Valve's brilliant first-person puzzler Portal has just been updated. Not normally a big deal, but when that update adds a new, mysterious Steam achievement and some hidden radio transmissions and this is Valve we're dealing with, we're right to be curious.

Today's Portal update, officially, features the following addition: "Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations." Not officially noted there is the new Steam achievement "Transmission Received" which goes undescribed by the developer, but involves the use of Portal's in-game radios.

Also included, as spotted by Steam forumgoers are a bunch of new sound files, all prefaced with the word "dinosaur." According to members there, those sound files feature Morse code encoded transmissions.

While we have no idea at this point what Valve is planning - the Steam mob is currently pounding away at a solution and Morse code experts are encouraged to join the fray - we wouldn't be surprised if the Half-Life and Left 4 Dead developer was planning a Portal related announcement. If it were to announce Portal 2, we wouldn't be surprised. If it were to announce a sequel to one of its games in its own game, we'd simply be impressed.

Given the close relationship between Portal and Half-Life, we could also be looking at a separate game announcement. Whatever the case, we're excited and keeping a close eye on updates.

Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum manage [Steam Forums - thanks, Alex!]


    Portal 2? I might have some cake to celebrate.

    please please please Episode 3

    'The Orange Box 2: Orange Harder'

    HL2: Ep 3
    Portal 2
    Left 4 Peggle

      your probably correct. considering how well orange box sold consider the following:

      - Half Life Episode 3
      - Portal 2
      - Team Fortress 2 Expansion

      half life and portal are both due for new versions. and TF2 is running out of class updates i could totaly see Valve using organge box 2 as a means to deploy a massive content patch to team fortress. including new classes which would give the game extra legs.

        Replace TF2 Expansion with TF2 Engineer Update and the orange box would be the most anticipated box of anticipated games ever released.

        i doubt valve would ever release a paid expansion for tf2.

      Okay, now I will never be happy until I have played Left 4 Peggle.

    dude ... HL3 is portal 2.. valve might just ditch the halflife name and go with portal.. i wouldnt be suprized with all the newcore gamers of the past 3 years

    they are going to anounce HL3/portal 2 and a new engine with OSX suport.. and maybe good solid PS3 performance as well.

    its all just obsequious stuff that's been building up for years now

      Dude... no... when you say things, try to base them off some sort of reputable source... y'know, as opposed to just making them up. HL3 is Portal 2? They're going to drop the Half Life name and just go with Portal? ...have you been gaming since, what, 2008?

        To be fair, wasnt Portal a preface for HL3? ie- they were introducing the portal gun so it could be included in HL3...

        But yeah, valve ditching the Half Life name?? LOL.

    That thread is the most epic thing I have ever read. Everytime I manage to read one page, another 3 are added. The internets are awesome

    I'd put my money on a Portal 2, too

    There is a thread on the steam forum that has images which are these dinosaur sound files that have been converted to images and they actually look like something.


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