Portal's Star Has A New Look

While Portal's clean white rooms were the visual star of the first game, Chell, the player's character in the game, was also memorable. For Portal 2, however, that trademark orange jumpsuit has gone straight out the window.

A feature over on Game Informer has revealed a number of pieces of concept art for the game (which were only teased in the recent magazine reveal), showcasing the redesign currently underway on Portal 2's main character. Gone is the "prisoner" look of the jumpsuit, replaced this time by a look more suited to a lab rat than a criminal.

Chell now has a dainty little lab cap, a suit that's part-test subject, part-Tron survivor, and at this stage at least, her famous spring-heeled contraptions are still attached to her legs.

This design isn't final, so don't go crafting your Portal 2 fan fiction or machinima epic around them just yet, but at the least they give you an idea of the direction Valve is taking with the visual design of this game.

Redesigning Portal: Valve's Artist Speaks [GameInformer]


    Geeze, would a smile kill ya?

      Well, she is being held against her will, forced to do numerous near death puzzles and not getting any cake to boot.

    Nice bum flap eh?

      i think thats actually the portal gun. they've gone out of their way to put it behind her in both the front and side drawings..

        no... In the top pic...

        :P funny...

    Needs more T&A, and a nicer face.

    Not really doing it for me yet. The detail on the textured version appears to be quite random and could use some more contrast.

    I don't expect it really matters that much. It's not like you spend much time looking at the player model anyway.

    I'm just happy that there WILL be a portal 2...
    although this means a slew of cake jokes across the Internets...

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