Pretty Girls, Telling Time For Yakuza 4

From Yakuza 4 branded noodles to Yakuza 4 branded booze, PlayStation 3 Japanese gangster game Yakuza 4, like the prequels before it, has gone a little crazy with the promotional push. And it's not stopping there.

Yakuza 4 is partnering with iPhone app Bijin-Tokei ("Beautiful Woman Clock"), which features a new beauty every minute holding a clock. Not only does the app tell time, but it allows for ogling. Two birds, one stone.

A trio of ladies (Shizuka Saitoh, Noa Mizutani and Maya Mori) who appear as hostesses in game will also be appearing in Bijin-Tokei, holding a sign that not only says the time, but also has "Ryu Ga Gotoku 4", or Yakuza 4's Japanese title, written on it.

Subliminal and sneaky!

Bijin-Tokei, a $US2.99 app, has partnered with other companies, too. Likewise, beauties hold a sign on which there's the time and perhaps a product name.

For Yakuza 4, SEGA held an auditioning process to find in-game hostesses. Saitoh, Mizutani and Mori made the cut, along with hardcore porn star Rio. SEGA described Rio as a "sexy idol". One of her movies described her as a "young squirting wife". Who to believe?!


    What ugly "beautiful women".

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