Prince Of Persia Has Lost Players To God Of War, Says Ubisoft

The animation director for Prince of Persia says the game's suffered from a migration of players away from it and to the God of War series, and says his game's tamer visuals, particularly death animations, are the reason why.

"When we make questionnaires and we ask, 'what did you play in the past?' The answer's 'Prince of Persia'. 'What do you play now?' 'God of War'. 'Would you play Prince of Persia again?' 'No, it's not hard enough'," Jan-Erik Sjovall told CVG. Sjovall thinks gamer bloodlust also plays a role. Asked why players switched over since the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot, he told CVG: "Partially maybe the animations - the death animations."

Sjovall says the upcoming Forgotten Sands will try to reclaim the difficulty and violence of Prince of Persia's Sands of Time trilogy. "So the idea was clearly that we'd try to bring our old audience back, but also we're winning a new audience," Sjovall said.

But it sounds like Ubisoft's drawn a line, and won't copycat blood and gore just because it's part of God of War's appeal.

"A lot of people ask, 'will you have gore in the game?' ... We want to have interesting fight sequences in there but not indulge in the violence like God of War does. We want to keep it interesting so the acrobatics, the story and the whole look are all supporting each other and people go, 'yeah, I want to play that game'."

God of War 'Pinched Prince Of Persia players'- Ubisoft [CVG]


    He's delerious. The reason Prince of Persia sales are declining is because the games are declining. The last one was gorgeous and fluid and... utterly boring becasue it was so easy (can't die, press a button to tell me where to go next,zzzz).

    Perhaps he has misunderstood the above quote of 'its not hard enough'.

    Why would I go play a difficult game with "acrobatics" and "story" are the reward, when I dislike the character, and there's not as much awesome?

    about time they worked this out. there has not been a prince of persia game with anykind of substance since sands of time and even that wasnt great. id play GOW over POP anyday

      also when was the last prince of persia where the protagonist is ACTUALLY PERSIAN?!??!!!? they all speak with ridiculous american accents etc haha FAIL

    wow, sure its not pirates Ubisoft? I thought it was always pirates!? (certainly never that your games just aren't as good)

    I would have thought that having less gore would broaden your audience?

    Ubisoft, it's about time that you admit Prince of Persia (2008) sucked. God of War is consistantly mind-blowing, but the gore doesn't maketh the game, the engaging mechanics were you feel in control, diverse character and environments and complete storylines are what Prince of Persia (2008) was lacking.

    The Sands Of Time trilogy were fantastic, the first for me was the best of the lot though. The puzzles were brilliant, there were same truly ingenious designs in that one.

    The new Prince saga, despite it being damn easy, enjoyed it also, was actually a platformer game, with a basic fighting system and hardly any puzzles. Also would prefer them to continue with this story, and not bring back something that ties into the movie more...

    The Sands trilogy the games came out in 2003, 2004 and late 2005. God of War came out in early 2005 and then 2007.

    So there is a 3 year gap (give or take) where GoW won over the fans and the people they are surveying are idiots if it's because of the 'death animations'. Someone tell him that those God Of War games did everything the Sands trilogy did, but they had better gameplay, the puzzles were fantastic, the games had a scale we hadn't seen before, it's story was interesting and they had a diverse range of characters. Overall, they were better games.

    The last Prince of Persia game was horrible, mainly because it was way too easy. It looks like this came up on the questionnaire but was overlooked in favour of pointing out that Prince of Persia's visuals were less adult oriented.

    Call me cynical but it sounds like this is marketing spin, trying to draw people who might dislike the gore of the God of War series towards their franchise instead. Or the attention of parents trying to find a less violent alternative to God of War.

    Yeah he is crazy, its got nothing to do with God of War, its the stupid direction the game has taken. Go back to the old days where it was actually difficult to finish a level, and you actually had to think about the puzzles

    I would say "Prince of Persia Has Lost Games to DRM" but funnily enough, the last PoP was rather reasonable in that regard. What happened in the year (and a bit?) between then and now.

    Honestly why can't they up the difficulty and combat to what they want but continue with the new PoP? I liked the old one but it's finished and they left the new one on one hell of a god damm cliff hanger.

    Ubisoft should go back to WW style

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