Progress Wars Cures Your Craving For Progress Bars

Are you addicted to levelling up in Facebook games like Mafia Wars and Farmville? Jakob Skjerning cures that craving with Progress Wars - "The ultimate game of being better than all your friends at filling progress bars."

"No mafias, no vikings, no pirates - just pure, uninterrupted progress bars," that's one of the witty messages that flashes across the screen as you "play" Progress Wars, the brainchild of Jakob Skjerning from Substance Lab. You don't have to worry about action points, energy bars, or special equipment - simply click the bar to complete each mission, levelling up in the process.

Progress Wars pokes fun at popular Facebook applications, distilling the gameplay down to its simplest level. If you feel ridiculous clicking just to watch a progress meter fill, then perhaps you should reconsider that farm you've been cultivating these past few months.

Progress Wars [Official Website, via GamerCrave]


    Progress Quest did it better years ago:

      I agree. ProgressQuest is much better, and with even less unnecessary interaction. Who needs to click when you can just fire and forget?

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