PS3 Error 8001050F: The Nightmare May Be Over

PlayStation 3 owners affected by the dreaded 8001050F error, it may be safe to turn on your systems again. Reports from users locked out by the system's clock bug are indicating our day-long nightmare is finally over.

Reader tips, forum posts and tests at Kotaku Towers are pointing to a fix for the bug that rendered numerous Trophy enabled games unplayable and PlayStation Network downloads limited to demo form. We're testing our own original PlayStation 3 units - my 60GB launch system now works, as does Demon's Souls, which syncs my Trophy list correctly - and seeking official comment from Sony Computer Entertainment.

In the meantime, please let us know if you're experiencing continuing issues with your PlayStation 3 or you're back in the business of playing in 4D.


    I can't play anything that has trophies. When I load up Rock Band 2, it won't let me play DLC songs.

    This is a 40gb PS Triple.

    My phat is working again. They better explain why this happened and not give us some PR spin!

    40GB model here, now playing in 4D once more :)

    the uk is back online!

    My 80gb ps3 is working properly now! Long wait but it got there. Sony obviously knew this was going to happen!

    my ps3 is working fine now, time has restored itself back to normal and trophies and games work well and you can sign into psn now

    My Borderlands and NBA live trophies have been reset to zero


      Try playing any game with trophies, quit and try synchronising your trophies. That should pull down any that are missing locally.

        Yea I was playing and about 20 mins in all my trophies came back, interestingly enough they actually all popped up again rather than just appear, so I was treated to about 35 trophies in a row.

          Must've been the best sound ever..."cling....cling....cling..." =D

    My 60GB is now working again. Now i am off to play some MAG. Do any Aussie play Mag? If so add me my psn is ThundaDownUnd3r

      I didn't end up buying MAG but did quite enjoy the demo.

      Did you play the demo? I think I remember you killing me several times over.

      Bastard! :P


    Well of course it's fixed...

    We passed 20100202 0:00UTC about 30 minutes ago!


      We passed 20100302 0:00UTC about 30 minutes ago

    People want an explanation? How about shit happens?
    Gee, it's not like we pay for the PSN, expect things not to run 100% smoothly, and have the common sense to entertain yourself in (god forbid) some activity that might exist outside the realm of your phat black box.

      The problem is not in the PSN but the hardware and its design.

      The system should be independent enough to still function (read: play games) even if it can't connect to PSN. Obviously, the problem also lies in the Operating system of the PS3, as it's linking the hardware and PSN together.

        It had nothing to do with PSN, you are correct, but it was effecting users whose consoles have never been connected online also. So it's nothing to do with it linking back to PSN.

        The fundamental issue is that the PS3 internal Hardware clock is set via GMT. There was a bug within that clock which believed that yesterday was the 29th Feb, 2010 (a leap year).

        The Operating System clock runs off partly off that clock, and it knew there isn't a 29th Feb, so it doesn't know what date to to show and a confliction is caused, that's why it was dropping back to either 31/12/1999 or 1/1/2000, that is the default date for the PS3.

        Trophy games were generally effected, as they obviously check for a valid time and date when they boot, as they assign time and date values when you unlock one, because there were date conflicts, the game fails to run.

        By all accounts, non trophy games were working fine, as this is something they don't need to do.

          My bad, hadn't heard about the consoles that had never been connected online. I realised it was a time/date issue, it just seemed it would have been as simple as manually adjusting those settings if you happened to be offline.

          Vis-à-vis, I made the assumption that the problem was with those connected online. What I said still stands though; there are plenty of other hobbies we could all be enjoying.

          So I haven't heard any problems with the slims (mine is just dandy), does this mean they might have recognised the issue with the older models?

            My comment wasn't directed at you, but francis who was talking about a hardware issue linking with PSN...

            Completely agree that there are other things to do in the world in the event there is actual scheduled maintainance and you can't play online. 1 day without games is not the end of the world, but the confusion surrounding it was more concerning if the console would have considerable after effects.

            The Slim units and some of the later (phat) units weren't effected either. With the revisions of the hardware, the parts that make up your internal clock or those uneffected are different to mine, whatever part that was responsible didn't have that same bug so there was no issue.

            Don't believe they knew it was going to happen, otherwise any number of firmware updates before today would have been used to resolve it. Just so happens that the PS3 was release in late 2006 (early 07 here), so it missed Feb 28th, 2006 when it possibly could have been found from the get go.

    I never had any trouble with my 80gig PS3 phat... The system clock was set right, i managed to log into the PSN, all my downloadable games worked and i didnt lose my trophies.

    I must have been one of the lucky ones.

    @ All the irritating nerd raging virgins who couldn't handle having their precious little comfort bubbles interrupted by a hardware glitch.

    All of your sarcastic remarks are very much appreciated by Sony I'm sure. After all, it's not like they lost money on every single console they've sold for the last 4 years. It's not like they made PSN free for you to use.

    I've never heard a bigger pack of whinging douche bags in my life, all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Too bad if something actually BAD happened to any of you, you'd roll over and die.

    You never think to thank Sony for all the great things they bring to the PS3, you just whinge about how bad PSHome is and how bad their service is because they were struggling with a hardware hiccup. I say to all of you STFU and deal with it, have a cup of cement to harden up instead of carrying on like little 8 yr old girls.

      Kav, you've exorcised the irritating nerd rage from within me. I now understand when we hand over our money in exchange for a product and/or service we aren't buying the right to complain, even if an issue does bother us. You're counter-whinge for the greater good has opened my virgin eyes and I can clearly see the errors of my, and my fellow gamers', ways. I thank you.

      However, a greater thank you is in order. This thank you goes to a group of people. A group of kings. These benevolent men have provided us with a console that is powerful, shiny, and with an interface so intuitive that an 8 year old girl could wield its awesome power. All this, I remind you, for a cost unheard of in the gaming industry. In any industry for that matter. So low in price, it seems like a mistake; so feature packed, we feel like thieves. All this time these men have been working in sweatshop conditions to develop this gift of a console and then "sell" it to us at a heart-wrenching loss. For 4 whole years.

      On top of this gift pile is another present. One that is a birthday present everyday of the year. Their online services. Their free offering was not a hollow business strategy to play catch-up to the online services of the demonic red-eyed cyclops. And their super console was not under-priced because they felt no one would buy such an expensive gaming system. There is one simple reason. A reason that is far greater than profit margins, share holders and any other business terminology I can think of. This reason transcends all.


      My fellow gamers, we feel like thieves because we ARE thieves. We aren't dealing with a faceless company. They've offered us their hearts and we've snatched it from them without a thought. They care about us. And it's now our turn to show that we care about them.

      Sony, I high-five you.

      There's no way we can repay you after the years of blood, sweat and tears you've endured to provide us with happiness. Being an anti-social gamer with no friends, I have a lot of spare money. But this is not enough. With all the relationships I've missed out on, I can give you something that has grown larger than my wallet. My heart.

      Thank you, Sony.

        My hat goes off to you, such a shame noone will read it because it's so far back in the kotaku pages.

    I hope my Heavy Rain trophies aren't screwed. I spent most of Sunday getting as many as I can as my future wife was out trying wedding dresses. These types of opportunities don't present themslves often.

    I chunk of my unsyncted Arkham Asylum trophies are gone. As are all my Heavy Rain ones. Don't ever screw up like this again Sony. Seriously. Don't ever do this again.

    Soo... anyone know where to get that cup?


    My Assassins creed 2 trophies have disappeared :( how do i get them back?

    I wonder how long it will take for 360 fanboys to add this to their argument of why Xbox 360 is better?

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