PS3 Failure, You Are Not Alone

A large number of console hardware devices failing all at once. This sounds familiar.

On December 31, 2008 at around midnight PST, Microsoft's first generation Zune 30GB portable device began to go kaput en masse. "Upon when turning on, the thing loads up and... freezes with a full loading bar," a tipster told sister site Gizmodo.

By evening later that same day, Microsoft had an official fix for the Zune issue: "By tomorrow you should allow the battery to fully run out of power before the unit can restart successfully then simply ensure that your device is recharged, then turn it back on." The problem was caused by an internal clock error, namely the way it handles a leap year.

Likewise, Sony is having issues with its first generation PlayStation 3 hardware. It was originally believed to be an issue with Sony's PlayStation Network, but now some are theorising that this snafu is related to the console's internal hardware.

As previously mentioned, Microsoft was able to pinpoint the problem and offer a solution, and hopefully Sony will be able to as well.


    A solution sometime right now would be helpful.

    Genuine sympathy here. Ya poor buggers :(

    There should be a fix in the morning from what I've heard.

      where did u hear this?

    yeah coz i was ending my bioshock one game and this thing happens :s

    Would almost be amused if Sony's solution was to buy a PS3 slim. There's some mutterings that this problem could auto fix itself overnight though.

    Is it just me or do Sony seem to not be making this a high priority?, all I’ve heard so far is a vague “we’ll look into it” over twitter, it’s not like this is some tiny problem that requires minimal attention, millions of peoples ps3’s (including my own) are suddenly almost useless. Almost all of the newer games I’ve got don’t work anymore. I don’t know when all this started but by my count the problem has been going for about 16 hours now. I really don’t think people will put up with a few days of this.

    Think if this was a major car company or computer manufacturer that has all its products simultaneously shit themselves, I guarantee they would have a press release within the hour explaining exactly what they are going to do to fix it, not a twitter post.

      Wow, you've waited a whole SIXTEEN hours? My, that's incredible!

      This is Sony first major problem that I can remember anyway. I think you need to just chill, and wait for the 30 hour mark before you implode from a lack of gaming.

      break out the emergence solitaire, man.

        I think you’re misinterpreting my comment somewhat, it’s not about my lack of gaming, it’s about what’s good for Sony. Just how long do they want to wait before they actually make a big deal out of this?, one day?, two, one week?. Practically the first 24 hours amounted to a few twitter posts.

        But I will take will take that solitaire suggestion some serious thought thanks!!!!

    yea i think its abit more serious than sony is making it out to be i now have yellow light of death because of it i have a sony 60gb phat ps3 if anyone else is having this problem let me know please

    The problem has been trace to the BluRay drive on PS3 Fatty. A solution was revealed recently as Sony announced the PS3Go, and new PS3 with no disc slot, and a chassis made of cheap plastic and crepe paper. All games will have to be downloaded via the PSN store. The good news is the PS3Go will only cost you $1299US. Alternatively, you can get one today for just $599 by trading in 3 used PS3 Slims to EB Games.

      Well played, sir.

      Jordaan! That was an amazing post!

      Then in 3 months they will release a USB bluray player attachment for $500.

    I'm assuming this doesn't apply to everyone because my PS3 seems to be functioning just fine.. o.o;


    I didn't have any problems with my ps3 btw

    if they say let the battery run out and let it fully recharge, i will literally rofl. or at least Skynet is becoming self-aware is good too.

    This is why I play PC games.

    Hohoho. Seriously, I have a PS3 but havent turned it on in a few days, maybe I shouldnt.

    What Andrew said is right Sony are doing a fucking half-assed job of telling us what the hell is going on, A multi-million dollar company with high competion and the best they offer is twittering about it, We've all seen similar problems with devices personally I've seen MMORPG's go down for a few hours but for sony to take this long to find a solution to the problem an leave no explanation?

    For the record I was about to; (A)reformat, (B)try to get a refund/in store credit from my retailer, (C)send back to sony for a new one/refund or (D) buy a ps3 slim which is probly what that'd want me to do.

    LOL glad this doesn't affect my slim. If my PS3 did this to me 4 days after buying it I would be pissed!

    As a long term Sony customer, I find their continued incompetence to be quite charming. It's kind of cute really. They make some of the best games ever but keep making such foolish decisions. The pspgo fiasco, horrendous marketing campaigns, press conferences full of "Hit the weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE", their actual goal of making their consoles difficult to develop for and now this charming little global incident. Yet I'll keep on loving them and I'll keep on defending them because while the errors of their competitors may seem somewhat sinister, Sony's feel more like Mr bean falling over. Sure he's an idiot but we love him all the same.

    Though they should be aware that if they deny me even one more day of Heavy Rain, I shall turn upon them with a force more powerful than they can ever imagine...

    We love you Sony. Never change. But change my Ps3 so it works with Heavy Rain.

    ^ there not giving out prizes

    WTF im not happy sort it out sony you bunch of nobs getting withdrawal symptons here need my mw2 need need need shit just have to abuse the wife

    I just hope they do not make us sent them in for replacement because I don't still have my receipt that they require for "proof of purchase" so I just hope they can fix it remotely.

    Just bought Hard Rain on the way home from a long day at work, put it in my PS3, switched it on. Error wont connect to playstation network. OK no problem, disconnect ethernet cable switch back on same error. WTF!!!!!!!! I spend a small fortune on games for the PS3, i used to laugh at my brothers and the xbox red ring of death and now they are killing themselves laughing at me.

    I was in the middle of my best Bomberman game ever!!
    Oh well, I'll have to kick as_ all over again!
    ;-) Oh what a burden to bare.
    My PS3 like many of you folks doesn't work! Do I panic, did I loose controll like many of you out there?
    Very simply put, FREAK! Then calm... something said look at the net (mainly forums) but especially any Electronic News hotspots on the web.
    What I have may not be happy news for most, but it's a step in a direction anyways.
    "Clock issue." This being a leap year I can understand!
    Stop being angry and get informed, use the time to read a good comic until things are back up.

    Go! Canada Go! Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

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