PS3s Suffering From Global Network Lockdown

All around the world, PlayStation 3 consoles simply aren't working like they're supposed to, with a PlayStation Network error preventing people from not just going online, but from playing some PS3 games offline as well.

From Europe to the Americas to, well, my house in Australia, users are complaining that upon booting their consoles up, they're unable to sign into their accounts, check their trophies or access the PlayStation Network. That's fine, Sony say there are PSN connection problems, and that they are "looking into it".

Problem is, the error does more than just prevent you from going online. It prevents you from playing certain games offline as well. The screen above is what I was greeted with when attempting to play Heavy Rain, and pressing out of it simply reboots the PS3, returning you to the main menu screen. It's the same story for other games that feature dynamic trophy support.

Sony say "stay tuned" for updates on the problem. In turn, we'll update if we hear anything more.


    My PS3 has an internet connection 'configured' (as my router is up but ADSL not enabled yet) and I am experiencing the same bugs. Would guess that it's a bug to do with the date and only affects phat PS3s.

    Thought it might be Heavy Rain acting up, but I suspect that not everyone having this issue has played that game. (I have.)

    Things were so reliable back in the cartidge days, :-(.

      Yeah, if every one just blew on the discs and in the disc drive this problem will be sorted.

        Pff, gross. Can't see how that has anything to do with it.

          Things always get more complicated when you blow in the slot.

            I'm guessing you're fairly young, huh? Weren't old enough to own an NES?

          Besides, its only the fat ones.

          I'm done.

            +1 nice mate :)

    Well, at least it didn't brick your PS3s. Like a firmware update did mine. A month out of warranty. I HAVEN'T GOTTEN OVER IT SONY.

    It's only seems to stop the fatties from working. The slims work. Guess it's Sony's way of telling you to buy a new unit

    Woah, SO glad I finished Heavy Rain last night then!

    Though this does put the brakes on my plan to play through it again to see if I can get everyone killed really quickly

      I started a 'kill everyone' playthrough last night. However from what I hear, it's surprisingly hard to have everyone killed.

    But... but... but...

    I was about to go home to try and play Heavy Rain before an interview this afternoon.

    That's not fair :(

    mine's been fine

    What is "dynamic" trophy support? Is it that trophy-delay thing Heavy Rain has?

      No one really knows what dynamic trophy support is. It's just something they say.

    Sony better fix this quick....or I'll have to get a job!

      Stay strong Battlecat, that kind of thinking can only hurt you.

    I noticed the date was wrong on my PS3.

    It said 1/1/2000. The time is right though.

    I don't know if it's related. I just know it was correct yesterday.

      The time and date changed on mine too exactly same 1/1/2000. Could be Y2K thing? lol

      I changed my date back to the correct date 01/03/2010 and still not working. Others seem to find this fixes it.

      Damn it.

    Wow, Year of the PS3 indeed ;)

    Well I just tried HR and it worked perfectly for me so I'm guessing that the issue is resolved (or intermittently working and I just got lucky)

    slims are fine. its a march 1st issue

    hopefully resolved soon.

    someone at Sony is having a bad day indeed :)

    i think its because of the feb-march cross over, and might be the servers freaking out since there is no feb 29th, just a speculation though

      You're probably right, leap year bugs aren't so rare.

      Shouldn't it have been happening for years then?

        Maybe in Sonys system it says that this year was a leap year by accident

        There's been one leap year since the fat was launched, maybe they missed the initial leap year code and kludged it at the last minute but forgot about it? Stranger things happen.

      I think Sony are clued up on the leap-year thing.

      DUDE Youre right!

      I set my ps3 to offline mode and then changed the date and it worked fine!

    Games that have to “load” trophies at the start of the game also aren’t working, I tried NBA live 10 and I get “TXT_TROPHY_ERROR” if you press back you get the same error in an endless loop, the only option is to eject the game.

    While it sucks to have this problem, I’m kind of glad it’s not just me

      I didn't sign in (obviously), but I haven't been getting trophies in Heavy Rain even though I should have. No error though...ah geez more chopping.

        I can’t be sure if the trophies will pop up when this Muppet show is over, but I can confirm that trophies wont unlock regardless of offline or online play.

        I was playing borderlands an hour ago and should have got the silver trophy for killing the rakk hive, well I’ve killed the rakk hive 5 times over and nothing.

        I recommend not playing any games really while this is going down, because it would be a shame to finish a game on super ultra hard mode because you wanted a trophy only to have to do it all over again.

        Its amazing how one tiny error on a server somewhere can practically brick the PS3’s of millions of users.

    My fat one was working okay yesterday,
    I'll be dreading to turn it on today then.. jeez

    Ill just go on my offline account. All i do is watch my anime anyway

    My fat one wasn't working either this morning when I tried starting up AC2, also when I tried playing any of the games I downloaded from PSN.. kinda ruined my day a bit. COME ON SONY!

    Back to Nintendogs then...

    Pretty lame, just happened to me now and I cannot play any games on the HD or all my Disc games.... Sony better fix this soon before all those angry mobs head down to Sony HQ and do some kinda resi outbreak.

    I guess its gonna be "Steam" for a while.....

    /me dusts off wii

      Metroid Prime time? gota brush up for Other M :)

    My PS3 fat is still working, Although i havent played any games yet but it signes up and i can access the PS Store.

    This aint looking good for Sony. But i anit paying so much more for a PS3 Slim when i payed $699 for mine.

      Edit... My PS3 Phat is still working fine. It connects to PSN fine. The system clock is still set on 1/3/10 and all my downloadable works. My PS3 is 3rd gen Phat 80gig so it should affected me but it has been working fine all day. I must be one of the lucky ones.

    So what does it do if you just unplug your internet cable?

    its got nothing to do with the psn. if you try and update your console, it can still contact sony because it tells you that (if you console is up to date) it is at the highest version available. it's a problem with the internal clock, because its affecting people who arent even on the psn at all. and its pissing me off.

    for some reason i think this is going to be a major problem... just a hunch....

    if it is only affecting phats then im just gonna throw this out there....
    Geohot exploit?
    normally when there is some sort of outage it is isolated to a specific region. unless it is maintenance. this is not maintenance though. plus it is worldwide. i am unsure of how this console hack works but, surely it would be possible to send malicious code to a server from a console if it has been hacked utilizing linux.

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