Publisher: PSP Is A "Bollocking Useless Waste Of Space"

Gavin Cheshire, VP of Codemasters (DiRT, Operation Flashpoint), owns a PlayStation Portable. Which may explain why he's slagged the handheld off in the latest issue of Edge Magazine.

"Well, speaking as a person who bought a PSP, the problem was that I always thought - because it was a better screen than iPod's - that I'd be doing more with it" he told Edge. "But it was such a bollocking useless waste of space; just getting stuff on it was ridiculous".

"That was its downfall. Relatively speaking, [Codemasters]didn't do too badly on F1 PSP. But regarding the future, I think they've got - well... no".

"PSPgo's a lovely device," he adds, "really smart - but our senior VP bought one the day it came out and has a great story, because he ended up on some customer support line just trying to do basic stuff. He had to re-download his software, do an immediate firmware update, and that's your user experience."

"Sony just hasn't got it right. Stuff like that will make people leave it alone."

To recap, this is from a publisher that's published games on the platform. Everyone's so hung up on a new DS being revealed at E3...for Sony's sake, I'd rather see a new PSP. A new new PSP.

Cheshire: PSP is a "bollocking useless waste of space" [Edge, via Eurogamer]


    Funny, I could have said the same thing about Operation Flashpoint 2.

    So he talks about the PSP then he points out that the PSPgo gave him a bad time, probably should start by having a consistent topic first.

    It's so great to know that people's whose jobs it is to make and sell great games to us hates games equipment for not being good a doing things unrelated to games!

    They have a couple of things to do with their next console:

    Sony need to emulate steam, and provide regular
    updates and specials to media go.
    They have one other thing to do to recapture lost market share, TWO ANALOG STICKS!

    Also, another pro tip, don't make the next generation console with a SMALLER screen.

    yeah getting movies on there was a nightmare at times

    Ouch, coming from a guy who helped developed the shit hole of Operation Flashpoint...


    The best thing I ever saw on a PSP was a homebrew app. These last, what, 10 years, Sony's been too busy arseing about with the PS2 to figure out the platform market.

    No-one really cares about the PSP anyway. A new DS is what i'm really looking forward to!

    I'd love to see more of what has really worked on the PSP for me and that's been original IPs of both Casual and Hardcore games. I'm one of the few out there that actually likes their PSP, but I'm a fan of difficult games, so Monster Hunter games have spent more than 800 hours in my PSP. Disgaea's added another 200 or so.

    For the God of War fans, there's a leadup to the last boss in Chains of Olympus which simply has to be played to give real impact to how much Kratos has had to give up to continue on his path.

    What the PSP has possibly been missing is a banner character game to hook people in. Other than God of War: Chains of Olympus and FF: Crisis Core, which was a mixed bag, I can't think of titles the mainstream public have been really wanting to play. Sure, games like echochrome, Patapon, Loco Roco and a number of others are brilliant experiences people are missing out on, that's not quite enough reason to go out and spend $300 on a PSP, let alone more on a Go which is harder to control and can access less titles. Dissidia: Final Fantasy was a step in the right direction as is the much-anticipated Kingdom Hearts game.

    I could add Edge is fairly well-known for their anti-Sony bias, but that doesn't solve the problem that they're mostly right. Sony really had it with releasing LittleBigPlanet on the PSP, it just needed to be about 2 years earlier in the console life cycle to really get people into the console and looking for more games to play with it.

    Oddly, I've seen very little to explain to me why the DS seems to be so incredible to people, other than Zelda, Professor Layton and possibly Scribblenauts, which turned out not to quite live up to expectations. To me, both portable consoles seem to be flawed, Nintendo just has the benefit of a history of portable gaming.

      The DS works with the people because it doesn't focus on replicating console gameplay. God of War is a good example. If I'm sitting at home and I want to play something like God of War I'll do it on a console not the PSP. LittleBigPlanet is another example. The games just can't compete when there's a console nearby (its like having GameCube shooters face off against PS3/360 shooters).
      The DS on the other hand focuses on the touch screen and shorter bursts of entertainment. This gives people a reason to choose it over a traditional console. I've played my DS over my 360/PS3 hundreds of times.

    :( i broke my PSP trying to turn it into a Lofi console..

    Via a video out cable and a special mod to let it have a PS1 controler plugged into it..

    so yer the comments about the PSP trying to emulate console gaming is very true...

    but really i think its a cultural thing.. people in the west for one dont like hard games atm! which is sad.. and 2 dont socialy hang around with handhelds in pockets n stuff.. we have a much less sociable gaming culture.. beacuse its less accepted over here.. i find seeing people playing iphone/psp/ds games in public very very very rare and odd

    i can see why the PSP is very big in japan thou its like a PS2 lan party in your pocket.. very cool with monster hunter/ Grand trismo and such.

    I really hope they bring out a new one with new hardware thou.. because in the mean time i'm stuck trying to fix this old one! no chance am i paying for a new one unless they combine it with a phone.. or metal gear solid peace walking is amaaaazzzzing which is prob wont be.

    all i want is "2" analogue nubs on a PSP, pspGO was a failed experiment, i prefer disc based material

    Well, speaking as a person who rented Operation Flashpoint, I think your opinion is invalid as you helped create the steaming pile of turd that is operation Flashpoint. Furthermore, you must be quite the douche to have a hard time getting stuff on it - Drag and Drop, Bada-Bing, Bada Boom. Or connect it to the Ps3 and copying crap on was a breeze. You tool.

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