QuakeCon 2010: It's A Date!

id software today announced a date, time and place for QuakeCon, its annual celebration of all things Quake. And Doom. And anything else id has ever done, or is doing in the future.

It'll run August 12 to August 15, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Entry will be free, and you can bet there'll be some id-related announcements to be had, along with the chance to meet some developers and take part in a massive LAN party.

Who knows. You may even get to see a little/lot of more of id's upcoming project Rage.


    They blumming better give us some more info on Rage. I remember seeing Todd Hollenshead in an interview early last year, he was so cocky and confident about rage being out before Christmas 2009.

    And I'm going to fucking hurt someone if I don't see some Doom 4 soon. I really hope it looks nothing like Doom 3 and they go back to the aesthetic of the original games... Not that Doom 3 wasn't totally awesome in its own right.

    Oh forgot about Rage - looking forward to some announcements and more video footage!!!!

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