Quantum Mechanics Made Easy With Manga

For years now, manga textbooks have been explaining things like the English language and cooking. So why not electronic circuitry, quantum mechanics or even thermodynamics?

These manga teach advanced subjects and were spotted at a university bookstore in Tokyo.

Manga textbooks [kenlee via DannyChoo]


    I wonder if these manga textbooks make it any easier too learn or if they are just a gimmick. While they seem cool and i would buy some, i don't see how anything could make learning maths or quantum physics, or even any kind of physics any more interesting or less dry.


      I never thought physics classes are dry. But then I don't think I'm in the majority here.

      I think some well thought out text books would work ok. I ended up learning a lot about cars reading from reading the omakes in Aa, Megami-sama! And they're even trying to cram it down your throat. I know many of us "learned" a lot of our histories through films. I don't see why the same concepts can't be applied to things like Physics and Math.
      Shows like Numbers and Big Bang Theory, and Myth Busters are quite popular. If they'd talk a bit slower, and stick to a more textbook theme rather than just weird science, they can certainly become very educational.

    I saw them at Newcastle Co-op Bookshop last week! In English obviously, and different cover art.

      Yep Uni co-op bookshops australia wide have the range in english...I love my staff discount

    Sweet! I was hoping they would have English versions.

    I know I would've passed Thermo the first time round if these were available when I was at Uni, and possibly Japanese Language studies.

    oh man Elec eng woulda been a ton easier with these!

    if i were a japanesie

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