Quick! Name All Of The Video Game References... GO!

All you really need to know about movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is that it's directed by the guy behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Also, it has like a bajillion game references crammed into its trailer.

It makes sense that there are plenty of gaming and even more comic references in the Edgar Wright-directed film. The movie is an adaptation of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. The movie will not, comic artist Bryan Lee O'Malley confirmed, contain any bits from the latest volume in the comic series.

The film, which wrapped last year, is set for an August 13 release along with a - wait for it - video game that is being developed by Ubisoft.

They should have just gone to Capcom and had it made into a pure fighter.


    Can't view the video. Says I have to 'accept the users friend request' or something...

      Sorry about that, it's fixed now.

        How prompt of you Elly! :D Supoib!!! :D

        Awesome clip, just awesome! lol

        Cannot wait to see this movie. LOVE the visual sound.

    is it just me or is Michael Cera getting younger?

      Yes, yes he is.

        Well OBVIOUSLY they've got bloody Ambrosia from the sims3 in here too!!!!

        But seriously yeah, he never seems to age a damned day!

    It looks pretty awful, and having Michael Cera in it just makes it even more awful.

      The fact that you don't get his style of humour does not make Michael Cera awful.
      I reckon he's a genius at what he does.
      Watch Arrested Development and if you still disagree...well I feel sorry for you for your inability to appreciate the hilarity.

    I'm still waiting for his balls to drop.

    He's got a higher voice than any of the women in that trailer.

    Amazing trailer, by the way. Edgar Wright has totally nailed the vibe of the comic.

    Wow.. this looks.. incredibly childish. I was going to say that I guess hollywood just assumes that all gamers are 13 and under but I guess if it is based on a comic then it was originally intended to be like this. Seriously seems like its aimed at the tweens interested in this kind of romantic/over the top ridiculous story.

    The fact that Michael Cera is in it just makes it all the worse. I swear if the guy didn't play the 'whiny, socially inept, self pitying guy with no confidence' just once then maybe I could have some respect for him. But its the only part he can play and he comes across like such a.. well whiny bitch for lack of a better word.

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