Raise A Toast To Toast Mario

Mario, represented by several dozen slices of toasted bread and some plain hamburger buns. Seen via Epic Win FTW. You know what's coming next: Bacon Luigi.


    Is it wrong the first thing I thought was "god, what a mess all those crumbs will be"?

      I was actually thinking "what a waste of bread" as my first response.

      Mr Waffle, how could you, with your sweet sticky goodness, think anything else?

      This is easily the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    Wow what a waste of food...

    it's kinda "cool" but this whole Mario art is just getting a little too much, and also way to waste a lot of bread. There would have been a number of loaf's of bread used to make that.

    the bread could have been stale and moldy though. never know.

    That is awesome! How do people come up with this stuff? lol

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