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This review was submitted by Jack Webster. If you’ve played Bad Company 2, or just want to ask Jack more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC, 360, PS3)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the sequel to a 'test-case game': Battlefield Bad Company, is an absolute masterpiece in every fashion. It is one of the most original, funny and challenging games of the year so far.


Funny: One of the key things noticed in the first Bad Company, was the new style of characters, and overall dialogue. The characters seemed more human, more likable, unlike some competitor's 'heartless American killing machine type' of character. The characters are all exactly what they should be - 'characters'. You've got the nerd, the TNT-happy hillbilly, the African-American and of course, the normal bystander - which you can only see thinking throughout the entire game - "WTF am I doing with these bunch of crazies?".

Along with this direct 'funny', you've got the background elements. Throughout the campaign, and the multiplayer system, you will notice the soldiers around you aren't monotone American hulks, taking everything 'like a man' - you'll soon be laughing at the fact other units are yelling (usually in broken high-pitched voices) significant amounts of profanities, usually not dependent on the situation. One example would be when an M-COM station has been destroyed - You'll be able to hear pretty clearly (as you move onto the next point) another unit yelling "F***ing A!".

Challenging: This is one of the most contentious issues surrounding the players of this game at the moment - "Why am I not killing anyone?!". I continue to hear this day after day, from those around me who also pre-ordered the game. I can tell you that my closest friends were getting to the point of getting ME to refund the game - they believed it was a load of crock.

Make no mistake - this game is challenging. This isn't Modern Warfare 2, where you can aim 360 degrees in the direction of your enemy, and kill them ten-times over. There are serious considerations that need to be taken when it comes to recoil, shooting when you're getting shot at, etc. These same friends, as the days have progressed, have since gotten to like the game, and even liked it the most out of their current game library.

Original: This is what other developers need to focus on in the FPS gaming scene. Bad Company 2 has hit the nail on the head when it comes to originality: there really is no other game like it where the characters are genuinely human; where a war game can make someone laugh out loud; where it can combine these two things, and have a relatively challenging game (maybe even getting close to that of ArmA). With this, DICE adds the Battlefield-unique seamless integration of vehicles, and this adds a whole other dimension to the game.


Teething: The current bugs and downtime are a bit shameful for such a well-made game, however there never has really been the perfect game release. The dialogue between users and high level DICE representatives such as the Associate Producer has been awesome compared to other competitors.

Yes, it has had several teething issues, but Bad Company 2 really is the most stand-out game so far in 2010. It's an 8/10 for me at the moment, but once the issues get sorted out, it will go to about 9/10 or above. These issues will get fixed. In the three days BF:BC2 has been out, there has been more developer-user dialogue then there were ads for Modern Warfare 2.

Reviewed by: Jack Webster

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    good review, glad to see i'm not the only one who appreciates the dialogue in this game. according to MW2, the only two things said in war are "frag out" and "reloading".

    my favouite bit of dialogue so far was getting a headshot and a nearby teammate yelling, "you capped his ass, good job!".

      well to be fair to MW2, that is more functional and practical in a gaming sense.

      the dialogue in BC2 does add character, but i absolutely hate when the american guys say 'let the bodies hit the floor!'. YEHHHH HOOORAHHHHHH

      i find the dialog quite funny as well, i loled several times, but i have yet to finish yet as im stuck in multiplayer trying to get my M95

      This game is much better than MW2, its more my style.

      MW2's catchphrase "We're Oscar Mike"

      Holy crap, shut the hell up! I get it! I don't need to hear it every 5 damn minutes!

      Don't forget "Ramirez! Do everything!"

    Just a heads up for anyone waiting for the PS3 release. Its broken the street date.

    I'm going to pick mine up from EB Games this afternoon.

    Yes, it's great... but why can't I lie down instead of just crouching?

    Is this a review for BC2 or a critique of MW2?

    Ugh... I for one don't think the game is challenging at all... Multiplayer is engaging, but I'm not struggling for kills. I also didn't think the campaign was that funny, or deep, or original, because it's like... it plays out like a straight to video movie, with characters that are right from the big book of stereotypes (tough sergeant, dumb loud guy, smart tech guy and the generic looking quiet guy which you play as). And in terms of gameplay, I thought it was a very straight affair, with not much inspiration other than "we have to make it go longer than MW2's campaign."

    Did you read my review Jack? I don't know, but I think I like BC2 for very different reasons to you...

      You'll be happy to know that you're the one who inspired me :)


    And I dont like this game at all, which is a shame because I really enjoyed the first one

    Ok - ill be fair. I do "like" the game. I hate the online component of it, so its the story mode I am playing the most of - but as I play it I like it less and less....

    Why be in a squad when YOU are the only member who shoots the enemy?

    Why do I have to take out the helicopters? Are the other three too stupid to pick up the RPG and help me?

    And how to shoot down that stupid Helicopter? I kill the guy with the RPG (the one if you dont kill takes down your chopper instantly) but then other chopper comes in and circles yours and then shoots you down... Want to know the worst part? I shot him down, but he shot me too. The game cut to the cutscene to show that I had passed it, and then remembered I had been shot down and MISSION FAILED me... OK now I remembered why I hate this game..

      I understand where you're coming from, but it's not an issue with the game necessarily. There's multiple things that contribute to your feelings, ranging from it being the aim of the game (to be more realistic) onto the fact it's really one of the only FPS games with Vehicles as a major component.

      Give it time - I'm sure you will, since you've paid for it ;)

      Especially when one of them carries his own damn rocket launcher!


        If you carry the launcher - use it FFS!!!

        I suppose I am lucky that I only paid around $48 for this on the PS3 when I was in HK last week. SO I don feel too ripped. I am also playing it on HARD, which could contribute to the stupidness of the AI

    I am quite impressed by Jack's review
    I think he hit the nail on the head
    I do agree with James Mac, I miss prone

    It is a game that is really hard at first but it gets easier for those whom are dedicated enough to stay with it

    Keep up the good work Jack

    I don't miss prone at all really.

    Great review Jack good to see someone knows what there talking about

    Good use of constructive feedback in your review, Jack. I'm glad that you, unlike other reviewers, have taken the time to point out the faults of the game too, instead of constantly saying "It's awesome" in different sentences over and over again.

    For a franchise that is based on multiplayer perfection and FPS playerbase, I'm glad to see the developers took time in creating the scenery and environment of the game.On the topic of difficulty, I would say Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 are about the same. To me, Bad Company 2 multiplayer was surprisingly easy to get a handle of. Perhaps I am used to FPS games.

    An impressive review, I'll say again. Viewers who have not yet purchased a copy of this game will be able to get a good idea of it's worthiness within this review.

    I like the fact that soldiers are bullet sponges. It promotes squad play and nulls ramboism. The game I just had, me and my two squad mates flanked around the side of the map, taking turns crossing large open areas, covering eachother as we crossed, taking turns. Whoever was leading watched the front, whoever was behind watched our six.

    When you get a squad that works as a squad, the feeling is absolutely unmatched by any other game available.

      The BF series has definitely had it on squad work. MW2 is very much more rambo - which is fine for twitch shooter fanatics, but can get old rather quick.
      Never quite had the same feeling in an FPS as sitting in the back of a BF2 blackhawk with a squad of six people about to drop onto a flag capture. Or calling your commander to direct an air strike on the position and bring a tank up before your team assaults it...

    I just got it delivered in the mail today and I gotta say, so far I'm unimpressed.

    The graphics, online at least, are totally weak. Barely passable for such a hyped game. Also, some of the maps really blow, the biggest culprit I think is the snow map. The sound design however, rocks.

    Also, some bad level design means you end up just running from end to end without seeing an enemies for ages in some maps. They don't seem to have flashpoints geared for cool firefights, while other maps are really good.

    I don't mind the mechanics as such, they remind me of Killzone 2 with the weight to the character and the recoil etc., but it feels like there's a real lack of polish here- rushed even.

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