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This review was submitted by Justin Robson. If you’ve played Bad Company 2, or just want to ask Justin more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360, PS3, PC)

Bad Company 2 is EA’s hugely hyped and self proclaimed answer to Modern Warfare 2, and… well… we’re not arguing.


Multiplayer Is Incredible: The maps and game types are all very lovable, varied and they seem built around the classes, weapons and vehicles. Some maps are better for long range combat, where others are more suited to faster paced battles, but everything feels “nice”. There are no maps where you know you’re inevitably going to get your face sniped off, and equally there aren’t any where you get ghosted by chronic knifers.

Weapons And Combat: This may sound like a “hated” point to some, but the lack of auto aim is sublime. There are no sticky sights, and it really makes gameplay more calculated and less spray and pray. The guns are also hugely varied, with pros and cons depending solely on your play style. Accuracy is encouraged, and firing in bursts finally pays off instead of just looking cool.

Lag Free Bliss: Even on a lowly 1.5mbps ADSL connection, lag is not an issue regardless of the time or who you’re playing. It takes some getting used to, but unlike Modern Warfare, you don’t need to cross your fingers and hope for at least a yellow ping. It just works.

Sound: The sound in this game deserves it’s own “loved”. Gunfire and explosions are an absolute guttural mind blowing experience. Watch footage of real guns being fired; it sounds like that. It is definitely best enjoyed with a surround system turned up eardrum destroyingly loud.


Multiplayer Problems: No online game is perfect, and BC2 is no exception. A lot of the time you feel like you’re spawning in the enemy’s sights, and this is exacerbated by insanely long respawn waits. Especially in conquest and rush, it often feels like: spawn, walk for a bit, die, wait, rinse and repeat. There are also little things like not being able to go prone, and how it just feels sparse at times.

Sniping: It’s ridiculously easy. Bullets are pixel accurate, and any hit from the chest up is an instakill. It’s extremely encouraging for campers, and most times you die it’s via a sniper rifle. For some, the sniper kill is sacred, but for others, well, they feel like they need to take a shower after effortlessly getting a five kill streak of headshots at long distance. It felt at times like people had neon signs above their heads.

Campaign: The best way do describe the campaign would be by using one of those cartoony sad trombone effects. It feels like an afterthought in every sense of the word. The plot is laughable, your team is only there for aesthetic effect and the AI is pants-on-head retarded. Where Modern Warfare 2 was unashamedly short and sweet, this felt like it was completely estranged from the multiplayer component and in that respect, it’s hardy worth playing even just to get a feel for it. The WWII prologue was by far the highlight of the game, and that’s saying a lot.

Even for someone new to the series, Bad Company 2 has a lot to offer in many areas. The campaign is meh-worthy, but the multiplayer is definitely the main course with some of the best staying power of this generation. This is a must have for any online gaming enthusiast.

Reviewed by: Justin Robson

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    "It felt at times like people had neon signs above their heads."

    Not sure if that line was tongue in cheek, but isn't that the point of 'spotting' enemies for your team-mates to pick off?

      It was more referring to like, yeah, you can see an enemy pretty well at the opposite end of the map, and you can easily hit him by aiming at the vague area around his head. They said there was no auto aim, but for me at least it just seemed too easy to get cheap kills. "Neon sign" was probably a bad choice of words, but that's kind of how I felt when playing...

        well thats because the majority of the snipers just stand there and snipe and dont try to hide behind anything

        and besides if it was hard to find them the game would become camp nuts

        interesting that there 1 hit kills not cos in the beta anything but a headshot didnt do enough damage with the equipment we were given

        although seeing as your playing on the console version maybe its not as detailed in that version

        and it is anything but pixel perfect it actually takes bullet drop and fly time into account of your shots so if you aim vagueshly at there head and they dont move sure its gonna increase the likely hood of a kill

    Long respawn times? Im not sure how different the pc version to the console version is, but im assuming they are quite similar. The respawn times seem to be 5 seconds on every server I connect to. So Im assuming that that is the default setting. Seriously, 5 seconds isnt very long. Go play left 4 dead 1 and 2 and experience up to 30 second respawn times.

    Sniping is not easy. But I have noticed that there is almost no sway on the ps3 version. PC sniping is pretty hard. Its not about fast reflexes like other shooters (TF2 and MW2), its more about calculations and patience. Getting a long range headshot on a moving target is damn hard especially because of bullet travel time and bullet firing arc.

      Respawn times are about 12 seconds all up. The five second timer is misleading, because you have to watch the guy who killed you for five or so seconds, then the timer, then there's a gap for a few more seconds when the timer stops and you actually start playing.

      As for sniping, maybe it's just me, but it seemed disproportionately unbalanced, like there's no sway whatsoever, and bullets hit right on the crosshair from any distance. Normally I never snipe, but I tried it out this one time and it was laughably easy. Can anyone else confirm? I don't even want to say how many kills I got the first and only time I went recon in squad DM...

    Of course, those of us on the PS3 are still waiting for it to hit the shelves :(


      What's the deal with this!? The whole world gets it on every platform, but Australian PS3 owners have to wait. What a pain!

      Who ever was distributing this, lift your game!

    I also don't understand the 'long respawn timer' comment. If anything it seems too short for me.

    I don't agree with the statement about the campaign. It has to be the best one I've ever played, and the most original by far. The only issue was that it didn't go for long enough.

    The fact is, the COD franchise needs to realize that the style of 'American-superhero' campaigns are getting more and more predictable. BC2's campaign was LOL funny, and has some very nice ideas packed in (such as the 'too cold' level).

      You clearly didn't play Crysis...

    gotta disagree with this review on many counts.

    sniping: i actually find it fairly challenging on non-hardcore servers. there is a slight but constant sway, and since you can't hold your breath, it makes long range shots quite difficult even on PC, especially taking bullet drop and delay into account.

    campaign: the community seems split with the campaign. i personally thoroughly enjoyed it, thought it was far superior to CoD campaigns on all levels. characters with some actual character, a plot that doesn't take itself too seriously, comic relief, and the epic ending meant i loved it. it seems to boil down to opinion.

    "spawn, walk for a bit, die, wait, rinse and repeat" - that seems to be less of a problem with the game and more of a problem with you...? and five seconds is NOT a long respawn time, that's pretty much stock-standard in games these days. better than the 15 second respawn time in BF2, or 30 seconds/never in L4D.

    besides, that's what squads are for; spawning right on the frontlines.

      The campaign was a yawn fest.

      Also, spawn then die seems to be a pretty common opinion, you must be just super awesome at it. So many times I spawned then literally a second later got killed from absolutely nowhere. Only to spawn again and have the same thing happen, even if you don't pick a teammate to spawn behind. Oh well...

        Try using the brief period between respawns to think about where you are going to respawn, when you select a respawn point your camera moves there so you get an idea of what is going on. Respawing in the middle of a firefight you should expect not to live long. Try respawning outside the main flow of battle and find a way to flank the opposing team. That's why there are nice big maps.

        Also try using the time to adjust the layout of your kit to something that might be more useful in the form the battle is taking. I found the on the battles to be very dynamic, whenever the enemy gets the upper hand try changing tactics. Sooner or later they should do the same thing and they you will need to change again. If they don't change tactics you should be slaughtering them.

        The respawn times also have a very practical use, gives friendly medics a chance to revive you and save youre team a ticket.

    Justin, what platform did you play this on? I assume PC.

    I loved the game, the only real gripe i have is the HORRIBLE server browser that takes a full minute to refresh (if it manages to actually connect to the EA servers)

      360, dude. If the PC had a clear advantage, I'd go with it, but I'm not bothered. The versions are [supposedly] identical.

      And I love the game too, but wow I feel alienated for saying anything bad about it at all. Sheesh.

        Versions are deffinatly not identical. PC can run on full HD 1080p (if you're rig can run it of cause) and higher maximum number of players on a server (the two main pros i know of) they also nerfed the way guided missles from the UAV worked for PC i'm guessing because they fiugre the mouse is too easy to aim with. Instead of hitting right on the cross hairs the missile lags behind a bit with an orange box indicating it's hit location so you have to learn to lead your targets.
        I'm also guessing they way you find servers is different but that's to be expected.

        of cause, if you consider this to be a clear advadvantage or negligable is, of cause, subjective.

    Got my PS3 copy today and played it 9 hours straight ( ordered it from NZ ). I can honestly say it's the most full on "war like" combat game I've ever played. I though the night mission would be a pain but it's lit up enough to see everything fine and adds an extra challenge. This will keep me going for at least a year and a half.

    There are factual issues with the review. Sniping is not pixel-perfect - bullets falls at a distance with gravity, so you need to aim above based on distance. You'll also need to shoot ahead of running soldiers for the same reason.

    Bullets also inflict less damage at range. You need to be very close for an instant kill with a torso shot. Beyond that, it's a two-shot.

    This isn't an opinion, this is how the game actually works.

    As for opinion, I've never really experienced the spawn-die repetition mentioned, and sparse is the opposite of my experience. As for prone - good riddance, I hate campers.

      Bullets do fall, but all you need to do is aim a few milimetres directly upwards, it's not significant enough to make a difference. Plus drop doesn't come into play at all anywhere within 300 or so metres, this coupled with there being no sway... at all... makes what to me seems pretty damn pixel accurate sniping. If that's not how the game actually works, I don't think we played the same game. Maybe you just need more practice?

    I’ve played both MW2 and Bad Company 2. Both have room for improvement – and both have done things very well.

    3 things that really annoy me about Bad Company 2 are;

    The Random discounts in multiplayer.
    You can be in the middle of a game, even connected to an Aus based server (with great latency) and still loose the connection. When that happens, I’ve found that any xp points/achievements/progression towards new gear can be lost – but not always. At least with MW2, if you left the game for any reason, you got to keep your points so far, you just had to forfeit any mission bonuses. Very annoying in a Rush game to earn several thousand points, get new weapons and then suddenly get disconnected and loose it all.

    Finding servers
    I can bring up the list of servers and only get shown a 5-10 servers – with a whole bunch greyed out – that I can’t connect to, but if I hit refresh every 5 or so minutes, more “may” appear in the list. If I find a server I want to play on, I can double click or choose the option to Join and nothing/zip/zilch/nudda happens. I get the spinning animation, it disappears and then nothing happens. No error message. No messages at all. I can then double click or choose the option to join, 2 , 3 or 5 times and it might randomly decide to join the game. I’ve even tested this on servers that are shown to be full and sometimes get a message that the server is full and sometimes not.

    Weapon selection
    In MW2 you could figure out a pre determined weapon set and just choose that as the game started. In Bad Company 2, every time I start on a new server or change class, I have to go through and choose each weapon I’ll use. It’s damn annoying – especially with the random disconnects.

      Woah, Rob have you considered it might be your own connection that's the problem? I've been playing online for almost ten hours now, and it hasn't skipped a beat... anyone else had problems?

        yep.. My connection works find on all other games I have for Multiplayer and MMO's. Do a google search on the issue and I'm not alone in experiencing random drop outs in the game. I've tried the various proposed fixes without any change to the situation.

        I can handle the connectivity issues. It's loosing 3000 odd points and any new gear or weapons that makes me want to cry.

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