Real Scientist Examines The Science Fiction Of Mass Effect

Cloaking devices? Oh yeah, we can totally do that. Telekinesis? Suuure! In this video, Real Actual Scientist-mans Dr Michio Kaku, speaking more like a futurist and less like a physicist, tackles the plausibility of what you see in Mass Effect.

I recommend getting good and high for the discussion of dark matter, although he does point out that "when you put negative matter into Einstein's equations" - i.e. divide by zero!! (!!!) - they "curl up into knots". And hedging that the big unknown it creates will be more good than bad we can get stuff like faster-than-light travel and real-time, pan-galaxy communications.

The Science of Mass Effect 2 [Game Trailers]


    Clearly all of the world's diseases have been cured and they have found a way to stop global warming and scientists have nothing better to do anymore :P

      Somehow I don't think someone with a doctorate in theoretical physics is going to be much good trying to cure cancer and stop global warming, might want to leave that to you know, people that are trained to do that kind of work?

        Obviously you missed my sarcasm with that.

      Google Climategate.

    As if leave things to the experts.

    This guy is constantly on Discovery Science channel on foxtel, he's awesome and it makes him even more awesome attempting to try and go along with fake video game science :>

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