Red Dead Redemption Box Art Is Redder Than Ever

This is the third time we've posted a completely different version of the official box art for Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption. Hopefully it'll also be the last, but we're not promising anything.

First there was the stylistic cowboy. Then came a slightly more realistically coloured version of that same box art. Now we've lost the cowboy hat, replaced the pistol with a shotgun, and tossed in some iconic American imagery in the background for good measure.

I like it, and having said that, I fully expect it to change again before the game hits in May.


    if the game looked like that instead of crappy boring hype realistic, i would so buy it.

    That is one of the better covers i've seen. I'm really loving the concept/published art they're using for RDD.

    I do still love the GTA-inspired realistic look of the game itself, everything looks so wonderfully gritty and worn.

    One thing i do hope is that you can get all the gear in-game that they show in these kinda pictures, The somewhat smart shirt & vest combo with a bandolier of bullets across the chest. Totally kick-arse!

    I like the second link... but why not just release different covers and consumers grab whichever one they want. They should do that more often with game covers - i know a lot of the time, well all the time they are pointless cause you pretty much never see the cover in a DVD stand, but choosing the one you like the most CAN be fun, Lol.

    It gives the artists for freedom in a way...

    @ Mike Fahey: I think that one published is the US box art, where as the other one with the revolver is the EU/AU boxart.

    I'm pretty excited for this. though there better be a "shout the word cocksucker" command in the game, lest my deadwood recreation fantasies go unfulfilled

    i prefer the 1st or second.... the new one is a bit too generic.

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