Red Dead Redemption Delayed To May

Rockstar's Western follow-up Red Dead Redemption, originally slated for release in late April in North America, has been pushed back to mid-May.

The delay, which was revealed today as Take-Two Interactive announced their quarterly financials, has the North American release of Red Dead Redemption set to May 18. The new date puts the North American version in line with the European release, which remains unchanged at May 21.

During the Take-Two conference call, the company's president and CEO Ben Feder explained the reasoning behind the shift.

"We shifted the launch of the game by several weeks into the third quarter. We believe this is the optimal time frame to release what is being hailed as the next generation of sandbox games."



      why jebus why???

    Wow, last fortnight of may now has Red Dead, Alan Wake, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and UFC 2010.

    Better than Christmas!


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