Red Ring Of Death In Robot Sculpture Form

Things break. And this generation, the Xbox 360 has broken more than any other console. Some gamers might simply become resigned. Jasper Steven is not one of those people.

When his Xbox 360 croaked, he decided that he'd had enough so he gutted the machine and made this Xbox 360 sculpture. It is not held together by glue or tape, but the sorrow of its fallen comrades.

xbox rrodman robot: what xbox 360s do when they die on [technabob via Hawty McBloggy]


    I've never understood why Xbox gamers seem to accept the red ring of death as normal. Vote with your feet people...

      It's far from normal these days, newer models with Jasper chipsets have low fail rates. The old days of 53% fail rates are done and gone.

    And because it's a 360 the robot will eventually break also.

    Put it in the oven for a bit and it resolders all the joints. PROBLEM (hopefully) FIXED

    All this EARLY X360 failure is also NOW happening to early PS3 consoles too.
    All my friends (3) Launch PS3 consoles failed from overheating.

    Sony wanted $350 each to fix them, so we looked around and found someone who would fix it for $150 each.

    While we were dropping of the console we saw a table with more than a dozen PS3's, all waiting to be fixed, he remarked "Thats all I have been fixing lately".

    Now here is the thing Microsoft will fix your console for free they even extended the period, so they have an account of each consoles fixed.

    Sony does not cover you and how many people would pay them $350 when they can ge a new console instead or have it fixed elsewhere?

    Now because it is fixed elsewhere Sony does not count it as broken, therefore they look good on paper.

    In London they brought a van in front of Sony HQ and were offering to fix peoples consoles for free, to show there is a problem Sony is ignoring.

      I am one of those people with the old 40gig fat Playstation that died with the LY (Leap year) bug.

      Sony are saying that this is purely 'coincidence' that my console has melted down (along with all the others - go to;jsessionid=476F552EC73A0CAD743B243A60D9713E ) at the same time as the clock failure.

      Sony have responded poorly to this issue leaving thousands of people annoyed, upset and potentially out of pocket.

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