Relax, Warcraft III Just Got Patched

Warcraft III, a PC (and Mac!) game released almost eight years ago, just got a couple of new, official patches. Now that's some post-release support.

They're obviously minor patches, but hey, support is support, no matter how minor or, in this case, how long it comes after the game's release. There are two available, one for the main game and one for the expansion, Frozen Throne. You can grab both from Blizzard's support page.

Sounds remarkable, but it's par for the course with developers Blizzard, who also support other long-in-the-tooth games like Diablo and Starcraft with 21st century updates.

Warcraft III [Blizzard, via Blues News]


    this is what makes blizzard such a well liked developer, they continue to support their products even when they are 1year past their release date.

    I just want some more maps for warcraft II

    Considering what an epic update Diablo 2 got not so long back, it at least shows that the Activision taint hasn't affected Blizzard as yet.

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