Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    Giant perving eyeball of colourbleed hell?

      Actually, it's Giant Perving Eyeball of Colourbleed Hell 2: The Reckoning.

        Damn! So close! :P

    Hrm, that looks familiar.

    I don't thnk it's The Uninvited, is it? Something similar.

    Manhunter: New York. Brilliant game, in its own bizarre little way.

      Gah, I knew that. I should have picked from the hot pink carpet that it was a Sierra adventure game.

    Yep, Manhunter:New York. God, this game was HARD. I ended up buying the official Sierra hint book, with the little red cellophane window, even then some of the arcade moments were killer.

    Manhunter: New York!

    I missed this earlier on :(

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