Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    That would have to be Magic Carpet right?

    Magic carpet - probably the PC version.

    Its Magic Carpet :D

    Loved that game lol

    Magic Carpet!

    Looks like Magic Carpet

    Magic Carpet?

    The misadventures of Falcon the 'Balloon Boy'

    Magic Carpet!

      As a followup, I believe this was the first game I ever played in Anaglyphic 3d! super kickass game for it's time!

    Whoop, magic carpet.

    Oh! One that I actually know! It's Magic Carpet! I played it on PC, and that looks pretty much like I remember it, but I guess it could also be the Playstation version?

      Damn. Guess I only knew it because it was easy :(

    Finally one I know and I'm too late :(

    Clearly I've underestimated you, Kotakuers :P

    This is a noob question and i have a bad memory but - Is Junglist actually Junglist.
    I mean....the Junglist of once good, good game.
    You work for Kotaku....Kick Ass.

      It is - just filling in for a bit :)

      I loved this game as well. The terrain deformation amazed me back when I didn't know about terrain deformation, heheh.

    Yes it is the same Canadian sounding fella. I bought this game, but for some reason never got around to opening it!

    Magic Carpet, one of the first ones i know!
    Funnily enough going through my old games collection the other day, found this one amongst them.

    Magic Carpet 2!

    Magic Carpet was an awesome game!

    Man, I loved Magic Carpet. If they did a HD remake for XBLA and PSN with online matchmaking...damn that would be awesome.

      Even more awesome would be a Wii version with balance board support! - this has always been a franchise I thought could do particularly well with support for motion controls (but I can also see the standardisation of dual analogues and trigger buttons working wonders for the dual spell wielding)

    If you've still got the old disks, look up DOSBOX and play it again - it's still awesome. :) Actually it might even be abandonware by now?

      I have it on CD, the box is on my shelf. I will crack open the plastic and take it for a spin.
      Dosbox has just been released for jtagged 360s, I should try it on that ;^)

    All the screens i saw of this reminded me of fury3x. I was probably way off base, but having played fury3x, is there a reason to play magic carpet?

    Some games are unforgettable and unmistakable.
    Populous, any of the sierra adventure games, civilization etc would be the same.

    Great game - just downloaded it off the PSN to re-live the memories.

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