Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

Oh, sure, it's another easy one. But with the recent release of - well, I shan't spoil it. Those playing the latest, somewhat dumbed down version might appreciate this. I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    Total Annihilation! Could spot that interface a mile away.
    Great fun back in the ol' days...

    That looks oddly like microelectronics design I did at uni... :P

    Total Annihilation. Man put alot of hours into that game.

    Yep, total annihilation

    Yep its definitely TA - the original machine-humbling beast itself.

    Nothing quite like watching 50-100 brawlers ripping some poor CPU apart as they spammed away. :)

    The awesome that was Total Annihilation

    That looks awfully like Total Annihilation...

    Total Annihilation. Man I miss this game

    Boo, one I actually knew and it was answered already.

    There were so many good RTSs back then that I never even played Starcraft (my local LAN group made the "wrong call", I guess, but we moved from C&C/Red Alert into TA and something else I now forget, but not Starcraft. Plus Quake, of course).

    So, tomorrow's game will be Counter-Strike then? :p

    The grand father of the disappointment that is Supreme Commander 2.

    OMG METAL WORLD i love that world, metal problem? no problems! just chuck down a miner somewhere around there, power a problem?! all good! fusion power ftw! build 100 rapiers later, and you're set

    Total Annihilation, was our number one LAN game back in the day, the amount of hours i pumped into that game is scary.

    Also allowed direct modem to modem play, only problem was when you finished a game you had to redial for another, pretty awesome if you had no internet tho :D

    I never enjoyed Starcraft as much as warcraft 2. The humour just wasn't there and the units weren't as cool. I really really wish Blizzard would make anothertraditional warcraft, and not one like WC3, I hate being forced to play the other side suddenly, it just breaks you out of the game and you stop caring.

    I remember spending my high school IT classes downloading units for TA instead of doing the work, partly because i knew the content already, but mainly because i wanted to build an awesome unit pack

    I did end up building a unit pack, each side had some insanely overpowered units in it that if one side built one before the other then it was pretty much game over

    Ahh the joy that was and is TA - Actually re-purchased it online about a year back for a nostalgia run. Still more fun to play than most new games.

    Oh and it had more developer support than any other game of it's time with a constant stream of new units and new maps.

    Hey, Total Annihilation! That brings me back.

    Posted by Junglist? did I miss an announcement?

    First one I've ever got!

    "Total Annihilation" without a doubt and the spiritual predecessor to Supreme Commander 1&2

    Fond memories of Uni Day LAN parties with my Big Berta pummeling the oppositions Commander

    Still play TA to this day, but only because my mate refused to try Sup Com for more than a single match...

    Wasn't it also the first ever 3d RTS?

    It's only the greatest RTS ever made!

    Ah, Total Annihilation. I still can't believe how they've changed SC2 compared to this original glory.

    So many good memories playing this.

    Total Annihilation!! I was talking to my friend about a few days ago, I don't think she knew what I was talking about though...

      about this game* ach damn my bad grammar. I was too excited!

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