Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!


    Tir Na Nog?

    I do remember this, NFI what the name is.

    Tir Na Nog on the Spectrum.

    BJ Penn's underwater rock-walking

    I played this game, back in the day. Celtic mythology or some such, not in the style of SLAIN though :) (when will they make a movie out of Slain?!)

    So this is where you ended up Junglist. You tha man, place isn't the same without you.

    Excellent game - also like Dun Darach which was based in a town.

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