Report: FFXIII On 360 "Isn't Anywhere Near As Impressive" As PS3 Version

The obsessives over at Digital Foundry, who do this kind of thing for a living, have compared the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Final Fantasy XIII in agonising detail. The results? Not so good for 360 owners.

While acknowledging that the most important thing - that game itself is the same (of course) - and that in some instances cinematic sequences are better than expected, in many other areas the 360 version "isn't anywhere near as impressive as it is on PlayStation 3".

Making things worse is DF's assertion that it didn't have to be this way; that much of the 360 version's (relatively) poor performance in CGI sequences is down to "amateurish" video encoding on the part of Square Enix, with around 1GB of storage space left unused on two of the game's three discs that could have been put to work improving the look of the game's cutscenes.

Things aren't all bad for the 360 version. Digital Foundry notes that the game's framerate is consistently smoother on Microsoft's console, the 360 better able to stick to the game's target of 30 frames per second than the PS3.

Words can of course only describe so much, so for the full details on the breakdown and a big collection of comparative galleries and in-game clips, hit the link below.

Face-Off: Final Fantasy XIII [Eurogamer]


    i'm guessing sales on the 360 won't be anywhere near as impressive either.

    Ah, of course it'll run smoother, albeit at a cosmetic cost and in standard resolution. Thing is, which would warrant a purchase between the two platforms if there was a hoice? I know which I'd rather pay for, the original game, how it 'was' intended to be played by the developers.

    Pity... Ah well. Better than nothing though.

    I guess the ass hats at microsoft are hoping that consumers are non the wiser to this issue though...

    Those poor guys at Digital Foundry, hope none of them keels over. Afterall, they live to nitpick the ps3.

      How is it "nitpicking the PS3" to say that the PS3 version is better?

      It's not like DF is saying that "The PS3 is responsible for the 360 build's inferior resolution." They are saying that Square optimized for one platform and didn't optimize for the other.

      Also, have you considered the possibility that maybe the 360 actually has some objective advantages in terms of delivering graphical horsepower with less coding effort, ceteris paribus? Because not all complaints about the PS3 count as "a Microsoft conspiracy to destroy Sony."

    Oh no. Now what will I do to enjoy the game on my SD TV? I guess I'll just play the game and focus on the plot instead of the graphics. Yeah, that'll work :\

    I honestly can't believe graphics are such a "huge deal"...

      Haha get a HDTV and then tell me graphics dont matter.... They make a huge difference. People dont like to play a version of a game that looks worse than someone elses version...

    PS3 was made in Japan. Japan make weird games that only PS3 users like. I don't even want this game on the Xbox, as do many others.

      Say that to the legions of Bayonetta fans who cherish their xbox version.

      well unfortunately,

      looking at the sales that this game generated.
      I think you lose and Japan wins this round.


      Hah... i agree with your sigh.

    I'm still tossing up which version to buy, but I am still leaning towards the 360, as my untrained eye cant discern the difference, and my 360 couch is comfier than my ps3 couch. Plus I am probably more interested in a stable frame rate than the nth degree of visual fidelity. But I've always played FF games on PS... which is a little prettier... what a lovely headache

      "as my untrained eye cant discern the difference"

      Well, except the hair. And the day more impressive hair rendering changes my couch preference... Wow, I need to get out in the real world

    i read the article, it was pretty interesting.

    their main complaint was that it was square being sloppy and taking the easy route. The major issue is the FMV quality, and they say it looks amateurish, and i agree.

    i will still pick this game up regardless

    The differences are probably so small i would never notice. My HDTV Plasma is not that great anyways, so ill get it on 360 for achieves, and the PS3 is my sisters not mine, so if she leaves, it goes too.

    Just goes to show that Square couldnt be bothered trying to optimise it for the 360...

    But hey, guess we 360 owners will get to feel the pain of a crappy port, like PS3 users have over the last few years =P

    You know for the life of me I've never noticed frame rate inconsistencies or so-called screen-tearing or any of these other things that these HD afficianados cry foul about, the only graphical glitch that I've ever felt compelled to gripe about is pop-in, and even that's only a minor annoyance.

      I'm not having a dig man, but if you are playing on a high def rig and have never seen a framerate drop or something like...
      ... then I would seriously consider an eye test.

    Graphics arn't that important. Gameplay and plot are far more enjoyable.

      I totally agree but good graphics can help in immersing you in the story, while graphical inconsistencies can actually pull you out of it. They are related, it's the nature of the medium.

      Pac-Man with framerate issues and screen tearing would be near unplayable.

    Too bad Square-enix haven't joined the rest of modern game designers in using ingame cinematics, instead of fluff FMV that has been redundant for years (since it was only useful to cover up for horrid ingame graphics from the PS1 days)...

      Care to justify your position? Besides the space issues, (which is not a problem on PS3) what exactly are the disadvantages? It's not appropriate for some games, like ones where characters can be customized, but in a completely linear game like FF (or even Halo), I support it.

      Pros of FMV:
      - Perfect render quality with any resolution textures etc
      - Full, consistent frame rate
      - Same quality cutscenes between different systems (at least to a further extent than in-engine ones can provide)
      - No load times
      - (Mostly) no hardware limitations on cutscenes or time spent altering/optimizing cutscenes to make them run smoothly, and cutscenes don't have to be dumbed down graphically to run.

      - Takes up alot of space

      (I don't consider the increased animation production time or cost a con because that's not a requirement with prerendered cutscenes - just an option. You can use your engine to prerender cutscenes in higher quality, if you like, and games have done this before.)

      Pros of in-engine:
      - Allows for dynamic cutscenes e.g. customized characters (not used in FF)
      - Small file size (not an issue on PS3)

      It seems to me like Square made very much the right choice. Did they encode the video correctly on 360? I'd say not. But their choice to use FMV is something I 100% agree with. It just wouldn't be FF without it.

      Just because it's more modern, doesn't mean it's better. But then I'm one of these heathens that likes to buy games in a box.


    One of the main drawcards of both consoles is that graphics don't matter as they don't have to pay to upgrade, yet these fucking inane details are always debated over. If they really care, convince the devs to make it for the PC and play it on a real machine. It'll crush both systems 10 fold.

      Now now... don't use the 'f' word...

      No not THAT one.


      We all know if you mention that one Sony will link up 500 machines and cure some medical condition somewhere...................

      Or claim to.

    So would SE have deliberately gimped the 360 version slightly, despite being easier to program for and having gigablobs of leftover disc space, as a bone for insane fanboys who don't think this nintendo game should ever be on anything but the sonytron?

    Won't be getting it so it's all the same to me either way; I played the first game on DS and it was shit.

      Comparing any console game to a DS game is CRAZY TALK! And what do you mean by "the first game on DS"? There are heaps of Final Fantasy games on DS... (none of which are the 'first')


      I am lucky enough to own both consoles, but will be getting this on the PS3. Mainly due to a few facts:

      1. I am a trophy whore
      2. I am lazy and don't want to swap discs
      3. I recently bought a 720p projector and only the PS3 is connected to it thus far (I can't see myself connecting the 360 to it before tuesday)
      4. It would feel kinda wrong playing a FF game on an Xbox...(it was bad enough making the switch from Nintendo to Playstation all those years ago)

    UNLESS you play both games simultaneously next to each other with one being 360 and the other PS3, then who cares.

    I don't think your experience is going to me dramatically changed that much. It may be somewhat noticeable but these guys are comparing them RIGHT down to their bones.

    Something you wouldn't notice playing a 360 version then going to another room and playing the PS3 version. Enjoy the experience, cause I know i don't play a game studying the frame-rate and CGI and graphics without enjoying the combat or whats actually GOING ON in the game.

    Either way, the 360 version looks good.

    funny that when other comparison vids are shown and 360 seems to be on the upper-hand everyone seems to gloat at it...

    but when its the PS3's turn everyone seems to say "who cares" lols..its just funny

    Honestly I stared at the pictures for a good couple of minutes I really can't tell the difference.

    I have a friend who owns both consoles he doesn't play video games... Yeah yet he owns both consoles. If he asked me what version to buy I'd say PS3.

    I don't own a PS3 yet, I want one but. Instead of waiting till the end of the year or when ever I have the spare cash to buy one I'll just play it on X-Box. Another salvo of fire in the console war and it only ever hit's the fanboys.

    I want to know when it stopped being about playing games and more about playing consoles.

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