Report: Nintendo 3DS Also Has "3D Joystick", Force Feedback

Nintendo's fifth generation version of its wildly popular Nintendo DS hardware, the Nintendo 3DS, comes with more than just the power to display 3D images. It also comes with a new joystick and force feedback, according to one report.

Fortunately, that report is from the typically reliable Nikkei, who writes that Nintendo "plans to give the new system a 3-D joystick and a force feedback mechanism that will let players feel the collisions of a game character."

The Nikkei also feels comfortable enough reporting that the 3DS will feature improved wireless communication speed and battery life, but that its dual screens will be slightly smaller than that of the Nintendo DSi XL, due in North America on March 28.

The Japanese news outlet also says Nintendo is "considering" adding an accelerometer for tilt-controlled games. We've heard similar reports before about motion-sensing controls, reports that Nintendo later said were "misinterpreted".

The Asahi Shimbun writes in its report on the Nintendo 3DS that the latest hardware update may take advantage of 3D LCD screen technology developed by Sharp and Hitachi - technology already available in 3D-simulating PC monitors.

While the Nikkei doesn't provide sourcing on its report, leading us to believe that some of this may be speculation, the publication tends to be accurate. We reached out to Nintendo of America this morning for clarification on the Nintendo 3DS's features, but the company declined to comment.

No Glasses Necessary For 3-D Nintendo DS Debuting In FY10 [Nikkei]


    Oh cool. DSi XL... and the 3DS is smaller.

    That gives us an opportunity to get a 3DSXL one day.

    Oh THAT kind of 3D.

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