Report: Sony To Launch New PlayStation Smartphone In 2010

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony will release a new smart phone "capable of downloading and playing PlayStation games" later this year, as well as a competitor to Apple's iPad that may also play PSone titles.

The Journal notes that the original PlayStation game-playing smart phone is being developed by Sony and mobile handset manufacturer Sony Ericsson. That's a story that we've heard plenty of times before in various incarnations, but with declining PSP sales, a cool reception to the digital download-only PSPgo, and increasing competition from iPhone and iPod gaming, the timing sounds logical.

Sony's other device that "blurs distinctions among a netbook, an ereader and a PlayStation Portable," according to the Wall Street Journal, is targeted for a 2010 launch.

Sony Readies Gadgets to Rival Apple [WSJ]


    PSP 2 then?

    I still think they need to pay for attention to the PSPgo - price drop perhaps or announcing some titles ONLY for the GO. Could bump the sales up a little, in Japan anyway.

    But no more PSP spin offs. PSP 2 or nothing.

    The only way i can see this working is if they put games on the backburner and focus on the phone itself. If they say that this is a semi-gaming console they people are just going to think its another PSP and they drop the entire phone market.

    How many people have a smartphone these days?, lots. But how many people actually go out of their way to buy and play games on it?, not so many. Games just cant be you're major selling point with a phone these days, it just wont work.

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