Report: Sony To Release Michael Jackson Video Game

Report: Sony To Release Michael Jackson Video Game

Last week, Sony shelled out $US200 million for the rights to release 10 new posthumous Michael Jackson albums, DVDs and video games between now and 2017 reports The Independent.

This is the largest advanced sum ever paid to a musician.

The “new” material was recorded by Jackson over three decades and includes never-before-released remixes, plus totally new tracks. According to The Independent, an album is scheduled for November. And after that, the newspaper states that anniversary editions of Bad and Thriller as well as an updated take on Off the Wall, a DVD compilation and a Michael Jackson video game.

Jackson, who passed away last year, had his own video game, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker from Sega and also appeared in music games Space Channel 5, its sequel and Midway’s fighting games Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2.

The King of Pop was reportedly working on a video game at the time of his death. MJJ Productions, Jackson’s production company, has been working on this unannounced home console title for “several months”. Word has it that the game features both Jackson’s likeness and his recorded speech as well as many of his hit songs.

“I am sure it will still be released,” a MJJ Productions rep was quoted as saying. “Michael loved games.”

In Japan, Sony released a PS3 bundle with a Blu-ray copy of documentary This Is It.

$200m Jackson deal is the most lucrative in music history [The Independent via CVG]


  • man, after 15 years, two trials, a kid that admitted he was lying, a family that had a history of extortion attempts, and no guilt verdict,
    you WOULD THINK the Michael Jackson molestation jokes would end. I guess not. Also lets not forget that he donated a pooperdoop load of money to charity. Almost all of his payments from his world tours in the 1980s. There is a lot of PROVEN ‘good’.

    • Love Michael. He had too much L.O.V.E. and did too much Good for some people. But don’t sweat them, they aren’t important. We know the truth.

    • i love everything you have said and i agree with you 100%..i’m getting sick of all the jokes and bla bla bla. some people are ignorant and i hate when they hate on Michael. I’m glad there are people like you still around

  • MJ is a legend.And i miss him very much.That deal with Sony is ground breaking.Because it does not include royalties for t-shirts,posters and all the other merchandise.All the money made from the merchandise goes to his estate and therefore his kids.
    We love and miss you MJ.

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