Report: Steven Spielberg Is Crazy Paranoid

Steven Spielberg is a Hollywood legend. When not directing highly successful motion pictures, Steven Spielberg likes to make video games. He's also really paranoid, a new book claims.

Just how paranoid? From the upcoming book The Men Who Would Be King:

• "In Spielberg's office, hanging above his desk, a plexiglass half-moon keeps sound from reverberating so that his phone conversations remain ultra-confidential. When an assistant once asked what the funny thing over Spielberg's desk was, a security guard referred to it as a 'dome of silence.'"

• "When Spielberg isn't at [his office] , live-cam images are streamed to his home. There are also measures to protect against earthquakes or attacks, as Spielberg believes in being prepared... At one point, employees were given survival kits including gas masks and other amenities."

• Steven Spielberg has a never-used motorcycle permanently parked outside his office in the event he needs to escape.

Maybe not paranoid, he likes to be prepared! Some of the measures the book claims that Spielberg takes - like coding all documents in his office - make sense for security reasons. Steven Spielberg isn't just some guy, he is an industry. Steps like those are taken at large corporations, and it's not surprising to see them taken elsewhere.

The motorcycle, though? Nutty!

According to Spielberg's spokesperson, "This description is so far from the real world of Steven that it doesn't deserve a comment. If the rest of the book is like this excerpt, readers can expect very little of what they read to be true."

The author of the book claims to have conducted over 200 interviews with current and former Spielberg associates.

Steven Spielberg ready for anything [NY Post via /Film][Pic]


    I highly doubt half of the stuff will be true... it'll just be some author trying to cash in on widespread lies... its kinda like how magazines just spin shit like a spider, they openly admit to doing it as well.

      Yeah the actual weird and surprising stuff will no doubt just be a load of nonsense bs. Hope the book bombs.

    I think you'd better start that motorbike up from time to time, otherwise when you need it it won't work ...

    That's not paranoid. That's BATMAN!

    This sounds like the start of Chuck Norris-style meme. For example:

    'Spielberg carries, at all times, 5 cloves of garlic in each pocket, so that vampires will not come near him.'

    'There are actually 4 identical Steven Spielbergs that work in his office, all at different ends of the building. This is so that if any of them die, the others can clone more to carry on the Spielbergian agenda.'

    'Everyone who enters his office must first complete a mandatory half-hour multiple choice test, as well as have their blood tested, to prove that they are not a Skrull.'

    'Spielberg has created a elite team of 'Simjas', virtual ninjas trained in the ancient art of kicking ass and taking names, and has them hidden around his office at all times. What he fails to realise is that Simjas can only speak Simlish, and are unable to actually touch, let alone kill, any intruders in the real world.'

      "Steven keeps 7 highly trained super ninja assassins disguised as wall paper around his office to prevent "evil jedi" from stealing his chocolate cookies"

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