Report: Strange Things Are Afoot At Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward is now home to a very strange, currently very unclear story, as G4 reports that security guards have stormed the developer, with studio heads currently missing in action.

While that all sounds like scary stuff, there's very little in the way of detail here. Infinity Ward leads Vince Zampella and Jason West are reported to have met with Activision earlier today, but have not been seen by G4's sources.

Look, we don't know what's up yet, but we've reached out to Activision PR and Infinity Ward's main communicator Robert Bowling for comment. The latter has been uncharacteristically quiet on his Twitter account today, if that means anything.

Security Appears Unannounced At Infinity Ward, Studio Heads Missing, Staff "Freaked Out" [G4]


    Maybe they're getting their comeuppance for ruining multiplayer.

    Anything to top EA's PR eh? (I use top with a pinch of salt).

    Hopefully they wont let them leave until they fix the shithouse matchmaking for Australian players... and punch 402 in his stupid face

    It's a stupid ARG where the heads of IW get kidnapped by terrorists.

    trying to steal publicity from Bad Company 2 release

    MW2 hype was the biggest con-job in gaming history.

    Uh huh, on the same day Bad Company 2 releases in the USA? Somebody better be dead fo realz yo, or this is gonna be some gay shit.

    His twitter was updated like ten seconds ago.

    You don't talk smack about the worlds biggest game publisher while being employed by said publisher without some blow back.

    Smarmy lot are getting what's coming if you look at it from their bosses angle.

    After the marketing strategy of Dante's Inferno, I would not be all that surprised if EA has them.

    If Jason West's Twitter feed is to be believed, he's no longer with Infinity Ward.

      Maybe the new guy can implement a Local search on their laggy matchmaking. Or better yet give the game to Treyarch to support.

    Maybe Activison is rolling Infinty Ward into another studio, in a similar manner to Red Octane. I'm not a fan of this, despite the MP on PC, Infinty Ward make graet FPS games. To loose a studio like this would be a detriment for those who enjoy a well produced game. If it is true then time to get out the "Bobby Kotick is the Antichrist" "Activision is the Great Satan" placards again. Hmm not a bad idea for a t-shirt that...

    Bring back Grant Collier!

    they are sleeping with the fishes ;)

    that or good publicity for DLC maybe? Something like the mile high club?

    Clearly a publicity stunt to boost IW's upcoming release.

    Keep everyone interested, get noticed and the fanboys will fuel the fire.

    Activision Exec to Activision security lackeys (in elevator to Infinity Ward offices): "Remember; No Russian."

    Junglist officially welcomes Infinity Ward execs aboard and they are all now in the same boat.

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