Resonance Of Fate Website Has Free Music For You

Along with the requisite trailers, screenshots and character bios, the new website for Sega's gun-toting role-playing game Resonance of Fate has a couple songs for you to add to your collection of video game music you hardly ever listen to.

I have quite a large collection of video game music I hardly ever listen to, mainly ripped from soundtracks packed inside the special editions of various games over the years. I keep meaning to organise it all and slip it onto one of the iPods I have floating about the house, but I never get around to it. And now two tracks from tri-Ace's Resonance of Fate join the crowded collection. Huzzah!

To download your songs, head over to the game's newly-updated website and browse around until you find the link.

Resonance of Fate hits the North American PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 16.


    Actually, i listen to videogame music alot, about 50/50 with non gaming music.

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