Review Round-Up: Steely Damned

It was a week in which new Wii games were reviewed and old Nintendo 64 games were reviewed, as well as one that could've have passed for a Super NES game. It was a week's worth of Kotaku reviews.

Get yourself caught up on our weekly batch of scoreless reviews, including new Dante's Inferno downloadable content and one pair of World of Warcraft-themed headphones.

Cave Story Micro-Review: So This Is What The Excitement Was About In which Mike Fahey is nostalgic for a game he's never played, until now.

World Of Warcraft Wireless Headset Review: A Raid On Your Wallet In which Mike Fahey decides he'd rather wear his allegiance on a t-shirt, not his ears.

Red Steel 2 Review: If Only 2006 Was This Good In which Stephen Totilo finds the most daunting enemy to cross his path is a sandwich.

Perfect Dark Micro-review: Elvis Has Re-entered The Building In which I chide the game for its ham-fisted delivery, but still enjoy a good klobbering.

Dante's Inferno Dark Forest Micro-Review: Much Power, Little Point In which Stephen Totilo would rather be in hell than play more Dante's Inferno.


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