Review Round-Up: Zombie Alice Mega Toys

What freaks out an old-school gamer more, a Sonic kart-racer or a Mega Man with an easy mode? We have reviews of those games and more, plus too unoriginal movies, all subjected to our subjective blue-and-red judgments this week.

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Micro-Review: Hot Coals Over a Cakewalk

In which Owen Good levels some difficulty level complaints.

The Crazies Movie Review: Left 4 Dead In a Small Town

In which Crecente celebrates the arrival of the thinking zombie.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Review: Remaster System

In which McWhertor uses the word "Nintendoes".

Mega Man 10 Micro-Review: Capcom Had Mercy

In which I praised old-school jumping over trucks.

Toy Soldiers Micro-review: A Farewell To Arms?

In which Ashcraft feels like he is eight years old.

Match Defense Toy Soldiers Micro-Review: Finally, Mum Can Help

In which I tried to to take Portugal.

Alice In Wonderland Movie Review: A Bitter Underland

In which Fahey isn't angling for back-of-DVD blurbs with lines such as "It's the movie equivalent of Sonic & The Black Knight."


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