Rockstar: Red Dead Needs A Little More Polish

While speaking to investors, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder said Red Dead Redemption had been delayed - again - because of "optimal" release schedules. Developers Rockstar say something a little different.

"We at Rockstar have always prided ourselves on the uncompromising quality of our games - and will always opt to take a bit longer to polish and fine-tune a game to be as perfect as possible when we think it necessary" a company representative says. "With Red Dead Redemption, we felt that these extra few weeks will make a big difference in helping us deliver you an experience beyond your expectations."

Now that sounds a lot more likely. Bit of a double-edged piece of news, this; it's good that they're taking the time to polish it a little more, but then, it's worrying that a game due so soon - and that's been delayed previously - still needed some work.


    i thought the title meant needing more work done to the polish translation.

    hell no!

    I am really looking forward to this game!

    ahh well it'll give my gaming budget a bit of time to recouperate... March/April I'm getting like 5-6 games.

    so like ummm when? silly rockstar, good luck

      nevermind just read may

    It's good that their taking the time to polish it up. It may take a little longer to release but its better than releasing a half arsed game.

    Who do they think they are!... Blizzard?

    So do we have a new date...? Or is it still early April?

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