Rockstar’s Agent “Still In Development”

Rockstar’s Agent “Still In Development”

Remember Agent? Rockstar’s espionage title that we know almost nothing about? Well, publisher Take-Two says it’s… still in development.

Yes, despite nobody having really heard or seen much of anything to do with the game since its announcement last year, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder was asked about the status of the title earlier today, and replied “short answer is yes, it’s still in development”. That was it.

Can’t quite remember the last time a game had been “around” for so long with so little to go on. You can see why, even if they do seem far-fetched, there are whispers that it’s a vaporware project, cooked up to appease PS3 fanboys while Rockstar waited for Microsoft’s exclusivity deal on GTAIV’s DLC to run dry.


  • How can there be ‘whispers that it’s a vaporware project’ when this project was only announced last year?? The ‘Vaporware’ term is being thrown around too much, mainly by people who lack patience…

  • I’ll actually be surprised if this stays as a PS3 exclusive. Especially for Take-Two. If this doesn’t get released til 2011, then maybe it could be possible with the most likely great year ahead for Take-Two.

    But they were strugglin’ a bit there and the thought of a PS3 exclusive title from Rockstar of all people, kinda screams failure.

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