Rumour: Batman: Arkham Asylum II May Get Some Robin

Is Rocksteady's superb Batman video game series already reaching the point of Robin? So says a listing for Batman: Arkham Asylum II at the occasionally factual Internet Movie Database. That could be bad news or it could be good.

The bad depends on your tastes, whether you consider the lone wolf Batman to be superior to the dynamic duo version. The good perspective could be the theoretical addition of cooperative play in the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, something we've just been groomed to expect from our current and future releases.

Regardless of your feelings, the IMDB listing for the game credits Vincent Martella with Robin voice acting duties. He plays Robin in the Batman: Under the Red Hood animated feature as well as Hope in the newly released Final Fantasy XIII. He's listed alongside Bruce Greenwood as the voice of Two-Face, also appearing in Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Perhaps the IMDB entry editing powers that be simply confused the two projects, but we've contacted Warner Bros. reps to try to clear this up.

Batman: Arkham Asylum II [IMDB via PlayStation University]


    Considering the brilliant way Rocksteady handled the Batman ubiverse in Arkham Asylum and that it may well imply co-op play (awesome), this is one of the very few instances where I would envision the addition of Robin as a good thing.
    As long as Christopher Nolan doesn't add him in the next Dark Knight movie :)

    BTW the Chris O'Donnell image reminded me of the suits with nipples... ewwww

    Even if it's not two-player co-op, I wouldn't mind an appearance of Robin / Nightwing (probably Nightwing would be cooler, though).

    I was really hoping Dark Knight and Arkham Asylum had ushered in a new age of recognition for Batman where we all pretended the horrible character of Robin never existed.

    I detest the character so much, in all his (and briefly her) incarnations that I'd almost take a pass on the sequel if he was included in anything more than a brief cameo.

    Hey, if it's not Burt Ward, it's not worth a mention.

    Srsly, AA was great because of the solitary character you played. Co-op isn't always a good thing.

    Although thinking about it, a game based on the 1960s Batman could be good for a laugh...

    I hope it's Nightwing. Actually, Robin may work. Arkham Asylum was brilliant, so Rocksteady may be able to pull it off.


    When has IMDB been right exactly...

    im curious as to whether the batman films will ever feature robin, i cant really see that hapenning unless it was nightwing, because who really wants to see the current badass batman running around with a kid.

      I read somewhere that Nolan has considered it, but not in the next few movies at least.

        I heard that Bale has refused to act alongside anybody playing Robin. :/

    I dont mind if he is a multiplayer skin but PLEASE dont put him in the single player. WORST. CHARACTER. EVER. ( for me)

    co-op would be good for challenge rooms, but not so much in the SP. maybe have a small arc, where batman is captured etc, but not the whole game, Robin isnt really needed

    I'd be more interested in it being Nightwing. You could create the possiblity of Co-Op, some Additional story missions as Nightwing (maybe as DLC) and a maybe a different move/equipment set for the character.

    I've said it before and i'll say it forever, The Dark Knight would have been nothing if it wasn't for Heath Ledger. The reasons for its success is before he died - it's a tragedy, yes - but it's the truth.

    Either way it was a great film that would have been successful either way - much more so than Batman Begins. But his death sparked more interest and more box office revenue.

    I think the topic now is - not what will Nolan (most likely the director) will take with Batman (obviously with the approval of the DC & whoever the prod. company is - but he deserves total creative control clearly) - the topic is WHETHER The Joker will be included.

    I'm not just saying this cause Arkham was a total shocker and was, well a great game. But after The Dark Knight and i still think, that Arkham will be present in the next installment. Everyone suspects The Riddler and it would be awesome - but if Heath didn't die, The Jokers re-appearance would have been guaranteed to some extent. 2012 the earliest for a new Batman film - unless we all die before its release.

      *because he died -

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