Rumour: Controversial Iraq War Game "Finished", Ready For Release

Six Days In Fallujah, a game based on the Iraq War that Konami thought was too "hot" to publish, has according to IGN been completed, and is ready to be released.

"I can promise you that game is still coming out and it is finished", a source told the video games website, reminding us all of a promising project that had been all but forgotten. It also suggests that developer Atomic Games remains operational in some capacity, despite reports that it had closed down following Konami's refusal to publish the title.

The game caused controversy when first announced, with some believing it was "too soon" to base a game off events in a war that was still ongoing, and that the contribution of "insurgents" in the development process was in poor taste.

Six Days in Fallujah Finished, Still Coming Out [IGN]


    I'm excited this game is still seeing a release. The cancellation seemed like a media-driven knee-jerk reaction to me; a more realistic approach to war is something I've wanted to see for a long time.
    Film does it. I want to see it in games.

    Controversy is a synonym for war anyway.

      'Cept that unless since the early reports, it's no more realistic than Modern Warfare 2.

        Let's try that again. Unless the game has changed since what we heard about earlier, then it's still no more realistic than Modern Warfare 2 with its regenerating health and so forth.

      Realistic approach to war? Seriously? This is a video game... Regenerating health is hardly realistic to what really happened. I think they're just taking the situation that was Fallujah and simulating it in the form of a video game.

    Oh yeah, definitely psyched.

    Should have called it "The Hurt Locker: The Game" and this would have flown through.

    I love it how the Insurgents are BAD and we are GOOD.

    This is no longer trench warfare where you can decide the winner based on ground covered. The only way to calculate "winning" in this war is how much havoc you've caused. The Western forces are winning on that front. I'm not convinced that is a GOOD thing.

    They have a film called Hurt Locker which is under Oscar contention, it's film about the Iraq war and on a subject that is done everyday, a game has the right as any other medium to express the stories it wants to tell. 6 days has the potential to honour those who were at the battle and show people what it was like to experience that war.

    Too soon is too relative. Who says when you can do something like this? There were a lot of movies and tv shows popping up about the military and the middle east after the war began, nobody complained then. I have no problem with this so long as they don't vilify the entire Iraq population.

    Looks like a good game..Though i'd prefer FPS...It's giving me PTSD just looking at it.

    Uh, this is far from "confirmed" guys... if it's finished, how come there haven't been as, screenshots, etc... you think you're just going to see it on shelves next week?

    my understanding is that the veterans of the battle supported this games creation and i think if there on board with it it should go ahead no problem and that the people protesting t probably have never bneen on the same continent as a current battle let alone seen seen one (no tv does not count)

    I'm excited for this but not because I want an even more realistic war game. There are plenty out there. I just want a game that challenges the way we think, both politically and socially. In my humble opinion this war (as is the case with most wars) is bullshit and if a studio/game has the guts to portray that then I have hope for the medium becoming a platform for mature ideas.

    Just because the war is still going I see no reason why it shouldn't be released. There are movies, books and TV shows about this war so why can't there be video games?

      Well there's no point delaying the release till the war ends, 'cause this is the "War on Terror" where the front-lines change but the greed and corruption of the puppet masters remains the same.

      "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
      -George Orwell

    Yes please!

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