Rumour: DS Successor Has Nifty Screen, GameCube Power

RPAD spent the entire Game Developers Conference trying to dig up information on Nintendo's successor to the wildly-successful DS handheld. His findings? Of interest.

According to several third-party developers writer Raymond Padilla spoke with, the next Nintendo handheld sounds a lot like the current Nintendo handheld, only with better screens and better performance. Just like we asked for.

The key findings were:

- That the handheld's two screens - yes, it's going dual-screen again - are not only bigger, but the "gap between the two screens is negligible", meaning they can serve as either two separate screens or as a a single large display.

- It's got an accelerometer in it.

- It's expected, based on the handheld's dev kit, to have performance similar to a GameCube. Meaning it has similar performance to a Wii. Handheld Mario Galaxy and Wind Waker? Yes please.

- Many of the developers said their games would be finished towards the end of the year, suggesting a late 2010 release.

And that suggests a reveal of the console at this year's E3 Expo in Los Angeles. It's important to note at this stage that these are all unconfirmed rumours, but then, they do sound awfully sensible, don't they?

Nintendo DS2 Information Unearthed at GDC 2010 [RPAD]


    I am a big fan of Nintendo, but Nintendo are milking the DS too much. There is a revision basically every 6-12 months and it's total BS. They need to stop as it's unfair to the consumer for us to buy a DS then 6 months later a newer one comes out. Does anyone else feel this way?

      You didnt need to buy all the previous revisions. Most games were compatible with all of them, they were just for people who wanted the extra features (DSiWare etc).

      This sounds pretty awesome. It'll be interesting to see how this goes up against all the smartphones coming up.

      I've stopped buying nintendo product since DS phat... if DS2 comes out, I will not buy it until they release the 2nd revision.

        Agreed with both points. Only got a the DS phat, and would wait until the 2nd iteration of DS2.
        Then again...Mario Galaxy much of the tempting.
        Mario Sunshine even...*semi nerdgasm*

    The DS was released in November 2004, DSLite in March 2006, DSi in November 2008 and the DSiXL isn't even out in Aus yet. Not only is this not a hardware revision every 6 months, it's one every 2 years, which is perfectly acceptable. On top of that, all models are backwards and forwards compatible (with the exception of the incredibly rare DSi game). On top of that, the DSiXL isn't even really an upgrade as such. It's slightly bigger to help people with bad eyes.

    There is no pressure to upgrade due to lack of future console support, so you are crying over nothing.

    Yeah, I got used to Nintendo's handheld revision addiction back in the GameBoy days. I'll sit this one out and wait for the more refined product they'll inevitably release shortly afterwards.

    Yeah, crying over nothing. I bought a DS Lite and I haven't been unable to play any game I wanted to play. The DSi actually lost backwards compatibility with GBA games, so to claim they are "milking" the DS or forcing you to upgrade is absurd. Releasing new DS variation offers new function or options for people who find them appealing. If I was buying a DS today I would still choose the DS Lite over the DSi and XL.

    Looking forward to the launch of the DS2. Hopefully this one will bring the Pokemon main series into the 3D world for the first time.

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