Rumour: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Has Freezing Issues

In the West, role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform game, getting a release on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. While the PS3 version might look better, individuals are claiming that there are freezing issues.

"For me it happens in the exact same spot (1st level, right after 3rd group of enemies, while jumping over 2nd pile of rubble) on multiple copies of the game," writes Kotaku reader Evan. "When it freezes, I can still go to the menu/map/xmb, but I cannot move in the game. Also when it happens, it starts making loud noises (explosions and yelling) at 3 times the volume it had previously been. The sounds will continue if I leave and go to the menu (not the xmb.)"

Evan owns a launch 60GB PlayStation 3. The video file he sent does not have any sound.

Kotaku isn't quite sure how widespread this issue is, and it could very well be isolated. However, this guy on YouTube also claims there are freezing issues as well as individuals on the PlayStation boards and the Ardamis boards. The same freeze that Kotaku reader Evan experienced is being reported.

When the game was released in Japan last December, the game did have several bugs, including a jumping bug and a truly crazy bug.

PS3 FFXIII Freeze [Motionbox]


    i don't even have issus with the game!I'm already in chapter 9 so it mean im good

      I've got the xbox 360 version and it keeps freezing on me in chapter 3.

    no issues here, and i have an 80GB model.

    I'm only at chapter 7, so i guess that means i'm not good... :)

    I've finished the game and i haven't experienced any problems, just have to push on to get more cp need those trophies ....

    On the old 40gig model. No problems thus far but only somewhere in chapter 6 or 7.

    Launch Jap 60gb over here and having no problems

    I have the Xbox360 version, no freezing but when entering the wide open areas in chapter 11, it sometimes has to stop to load them after the loading screen....

    80gb model,on gran pulse, not even a hint of a freeze

    no freezing but i wish it froze. then i wouldntve wasted hours playing that horrid thing

      Seconded. I want my hours back.

    I'm up to chapter 10 and i've expirenced no issues so far, I have a 40gb model.

    Got a 60gb PS3, froze repeatedly before I got up to Chapter 4. Kept trying, which I dont recommend anyone else here to do.

    Now my system freezes with almost every game I have in my library. Time to haul it in for repairs or fork out a few more hundred bucks for a Slim..

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