First Deus Ex 3 "Screens"

So, apparently, there's going to be a Deus Ex 3 trailer shown at GDC tonight, the first time anyone's really seen anything from the hotly anticipated next game in the venerable RPG/FPS series. These look like screens from that trailer.

UPDATE: Yup, they're real, you can catch the trailer here.

Now, seeing as we were sent these, we can't say with 100 per cent certainty that they're real (they are). On that, you're going to have to make up your own mind. Or wait a few hours, see if the GDC awards end with the clip.

And even if they are, they're just grabs from a cinematic trailer, not anything from the actual game. Still. The historical stuff has me interested, fake or not.


    Cool! Looking forward to that :)

    It might be interesting to point out that the first image is a reference to Rembrant "Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, 1632" painting.
    Just saying. could mean something.

    What do angel wings have to do with ANYTHING? This game is a prequel right? I may be jumping the gun, but I have played the first game about 9 million times and I cannot find any references to any of this. The first and last two screens are leaving me with little hope.

      You played the first game and missed Icarus?

        Where he mentioned a screaming man with wings protruding from his back in front of a huge light? Must have skipped that part.

          It's a dream, dude.

            Just btw, You're an Augmented agent-come-terrorist in Deus Ex. In case you missed that too ;) :P

          You've played Deus Ex about 9 million times and missed the fact it had Daedalus, Icarus and also Helios - you know, that 'huge light' called the sun.

          I guess you had no NFI of what going on in that game at all..

    wings aren't protruding from his back.. his arms are the wings.. ala icarus.

    Wings make no sense in the context of the Dues Ex world - stupid!

    You weren't exactly born with an overabundance of smarts were you Phil. Its clearly a dream and one that very likely has a lot of meaning to it.
    Wikipedia for those so inclined:

    I hate cinematic trailers... especially with the level of in game graphics these days.

    Ill skip the hype portion and wait for some hard evidence.
    Ahem, Icarus Schmickarus.. its still well lame and generic fodder, whenever I see someone in the street sporting tattood wings on their back I vomit into my scorn a little.
    Just as bad as tribals..

      Yeah I'm with you, how dare people show respect for their heritage by getting a traditional tribal tattoo...

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