Rumour: Goodbye Ugly PSP Colour!

There are many PSP colours. Loads. And apparently, there will be one less.

According to a Japanese retail blog, the "bright yellow" PSP-3000 will not longer be shipped to shops. Released in 2009, it seems that the colour is one of the least popular PSP-3000 colours, if not the least popular.

That probably means it won't be missed!

PS3の120Gが [ゲームは一日○時間]


    Thats a shame - I actually quite like the yellow.

    I am amazed that anyone would actually buy a PSP in the Turquoise colour . It is absolutely hideous.

      I would consider mine turquoise, although I don't know if it's the turquoise you mean, I'm quite a fan of it though.

      Admittedly I got it primarily because it was the colour in the Little Big Planet bundle set.

    looks like gold to me ..... whats wrong with a little ugly in the world ... I'm going to paint my psp the worst possible colour I can create ..... .. . with ... . . childrens paint.

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