Rumour: Lucasarts Releasing Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

Lucasarts made a special edition of Monkey Island, and it went down real well. Know what that means? Yeah, that Lucasarts will be releasing a special editioon of Monkey Island 2.

We've heard from sources that the game is due to be announced very soon, perhaps even next week at the Game Developer's Conference, and that like the first game's special edition, will contain all-new graphics and audio.

Unlike the first game, however, this one will be reaching a few more consumers, with versions planned for not just the Xbox 360, PC ad iPhone (like Monkey Island), but the PlayStation Network as well.


    "Yeah, that Lucasarts will be releasing a special editioon of Monkey Island 2"

    You spell like a diary farmer!

      How appropriate, you spell like a cow!

      I'm sorry... this sounds awesome though, I just got round to finishing the first on XBLA (yeah, I stopped for some reason).

    I'm pretty sure they said from the start that if the first one sold well, they would remake the second one as well.

    How many remakes do I have to buy to get Full Throttle: Special Edition?

      Then followed up by Grim Fandango: SE.

        Grim Fandango is still playable - though an HD version would be nice, the original still looks gorgeous.

    I hope they re-release the first special edition for 360/PSN as well...

      its on 360? just not psn i believe

    No Android? :(

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