Rumour: Street Fighter IV Characters Get New Costumes

These apparently leaked shots of a Super Street Fighter IV theme for the 360 are a bit more interesting than they ought to be, showing off a new range of alternate costumes for the game's fighters.

If legit, they're certainly interesting. M. Bison's new mecha suit looks great, as does Jamaican fighter Dee Jay, who looks even more mid-1990s than he did previously.

Not so sure about Rufus, though.

Super Street Fighter IV, an update to last year's Street Fighter IV, will be out in April on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Many Remaining Super SF4 Alternate Outfits Leak [Shoryuken]


    Isn't this old news?
    I thought we already heard that all characters are gettin 3 costumes, that don't have to be paid for, in SSFIV.
    Though I'm a bit skeptical about the free-ness, that would be the bomb diggity, yo.

      The story isn't saying the characters having new costumes is news, but seeing them is.

    Holy crap, is that Freddy Mercury Dudley?


    Also they showed a bunch of the new costumes ages ago, hawaian skirt Dan, Bison suit Cammy, RObot Zangeif etc.

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