Rumour: Ubisoft's New DRM Scheme Already Torpedoed By Pirates

Publisher Ubisoft's latest attempt to curb piracy of its PC games, making its debut appearance in submarine sim Silent Hunter 5, has allegedly been cracked by "sceners" the day after its release.

Ubi's new anti-piracy measure, which will also be employed in the upcoming PC version of Assassin's Creed II, requires that users maintain a constant internet connection in order to play their games. There is no "offline" option, according to Ubisoft's official FAQ on the new DRM method, resulting in an experience that sounds less than pleasant. Ubisoft later attempted to clarify how its DRM implementation works.

In the case of Silent Hunter 5, which was released for Windows PCs yesterday, the team of crackers responsible claim that those who download the pirated version, currently making the rounds on torrent trackers and sites like Rapidshare, need only "Install game and copy crack, it's that simple!"

Their simple warning to those pirating the cracked version? "Don't install/use Ubisoft launcher, or simply block any connection to internet." Yep. Pretty much the opposite for those who own a legitimate copy of the game.

We've not attempted to download or install the supposed cracked version of Silent Hunter 5 - nor do we intend to - so we can't verify the cracking groups claims, but we have reached out to Ubisoft for comment.


    How the hell are you suppose to play the games on a laptop if you’re on a plane or train or something like that? Does that mean if you’re on a wireless connection and it drops out the game stops?


      Not only does it cut out, but apparently you lose a bunch of unsaved progress. Quite frustrating especially if it's in one of the trickier assassination missions in AC2 that occurs between checkpoints.

    If someone was willing to admit to piracy, I'd like to hear if this really is working. If so I wonder if Ubisoft will think they need to get even harsher, or decide that fighting the pirates with DRM will never really work.

    If the rumour's true. Serves them right. DRM only hurts legitimate customers.

    Ahh, but until the resale/trade in crowd cracks it, it will be here to stay...

    While I don't game on the PC anymore (mostly for couch comfort reasons) if I did then it sounds like I'd be downloading the cracks for games I'd legitimately paid for since the crackers do a better job of user friendly software than the developers do.

      I've done that a few times because not only does it make paid-for games easier to play, you save wear & tear on the disc and give the DRM mongers the one fingered salute. The only downside, and it's a pretty big one, is that sometimes the crack files are trojan's for malware. So you need to do lots of scanning and forum research before you proceed.

    Ive not checked it, but Id say its true.

    But this way of DRM requiring an internet connection will only push more people away from pc games to console. (in the case of Asscreed 2)

    Those on pc will be pushed further to download pirated copies or at least download the cracks for their legitimate versions they have bought because of as said above.. (some people want to play on their notebooks while on the train or are unable to access an internet connection.)

    Ubisoft is turning into Activision and EA when it comes to protecting their IP.

    Ignorance is not an excuse to screw your legitimate customers.

    I don't really understand why one would even question possibility to crack something on PC?

    People seems to miss important thing - PC HARDWARE is not secure by design, which makes it possible to hack ANYTHING, no exceptions.. This is so silly from publishers to try put any DRM on PC.

    Ubisoft are retarded if they think this DRM will do anything other than hurt sales.

    I bought Silent Hunter 5 at Gametraders yesterday, and while I haven't had any DRM issues yet, I'm definitely cracking it the first time I do. I refuse to be screwed over when their DRM fucks up.

    Silent Hunter is the only sub sim you can get right now, so I want to support the developer.

    As a result of this riduculous DRM from ubi, I have cancelled my pre orders for assassII and Splintercell conviction on pc. Maybe I will pick up a pre owned copy on console :P

    Well Ubisoft... you can consider my order for the SH5 and AC2 cancelled. I don't want to be connected to the internet 24/7 simply to play a game that I payed for. What if im travelling? It's simply retarted.

    I will NEVER buy any game with such restrictive DRM measures.

    It's time Ubisoft and others like them learnt that it is pointless creating these draconian DRM management.

    Didn't all see this coming, not one bit...

    All that money sunk into the system and all that bad PR for nothing. Eventually companies might get the idea, you can't stop piracy and your deluding yourself if you think you can.

    Better to leave in simple disk checks with basic copy protection and key's. You net the same result in the piracy space but at least people aren't hissing at you.

    P.S. Stop pirating games people, you don't go to work for free so why should they.

    I fear this is just going to kill PC gaming for good and it could actually happen. Makes me think Nvidia's delays and extensive support of 'computing applications besides gaming' validates my theory... their just future proofing themselves.

    really who didnt see this coming this is where the legit customers are screwd and pirates are not affected at all

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