Rumour: Xbox 360's USB Flash Drives Are, Yes, Expensive

Microsoft has a reputation for grossly over-charging for Xbox 360 storage solutions. Now that the console supports USB memory sticks, did you really think anything would change?

A pair of listings on retail site GameStop indicate that Microsoft's first-party flash drive offerings are running a little on the costly side. An 8GB stick is listed at $US40, while a 16GB stick is priced at $US70. That's almost twice the price of standard USB flash drives of similar size.

Seeing as an official announcement from Microsoft on this is yet to emerge, we've listed these prices as rumour. Until they're actually on a shelf, it's always possible those prices could change.

But if they don't? Well, it's lucky that, unlike the 360's previous storage solutions, you can now actually use any cheaper third-party devices to your heart's content.

XB360 USB Flash Drive 16GB [GameStop]

XB360 USB Flash Drive 8GB [GameStop]


    I wouldn't expect any less from MS. Could this just be another cash grab from MS?

    But what's stopping people from using their own USB Flash drives and partitioned Hard Drives?

    If you're going to use a 3rd party device, or a Microsoft USB device, will the console require an update?

      The update will be out Apr6th i think that will bring the functionality of USB drives.

      As for the comment on what moron would but one... obviously not the well informed, but there are plenty of consumers that would. All it seems to be a a pre formatted device for double the cost but I am sure that those who are unsure of the ability to use any devide will buy one.. and if they only see the xbox branded one on the shelf, then they will select that option.

      I hate it also but think it is often funny when so many people get upset when a large corporation tries to make money. supply and demand will dectate the price overall. If people were not purchasing these things, then the price would drop anyway... but people do buy them!

    Why are they bothering making there own USB drives? I was under the impression we could use any USB mass storage device over 1 gig, with a 200mg formating space required for the xbox 360 format. If thats the case there wasteing there time, no moron would buy a over priced memory storage.. hence why i never brought a bigger hdd for xbox 360

    I imagine, sometime in the future, MS will lock out the ability to use third party flash drives. Like they did with other third party storage devices not long ago.

    The product listings both say they are SanDisk products, so wouldn't that make them third party?

    Also, they both come bundled with a month of XBox Live subscription, which should be taken into account when comparing with similar products. They're probably still more expensive than comparable products, but not quite as bad as it might first seem.

    It's Microsoft, what do people expect.

    Id like to see the actual specs of the USB drives before questioning their costs. Lets not forget if there some generic USB or if they are High Preformance USB's which gives that sort of price tag for the high end USB drives...

      You are probably right... but seriously, they're USBs!!!!

      How bad could one possibly be. I've used a lot of different brands in my days. Cheaps one and expensive ones. Actually i've never purchased anymore than 3 USBs in the past 5 years.

      I would always change or collect more by finding them - especially at school. Silly geese leaving it in the computer!
      A lot that i still have work JUST fine.

      My question is - will pretty much ALL >16GB USBs work. Don't wanna go out and buy 2 16GB USBs and them not be compatible. They're gonna need to release a list on like they have with routers that work with XBL.

        Just for your own info, in NSW (probably other states as well) you can be charged with steal by finding. If you find something you know belongs to someone else you should make an attempt to return it to it’s proper owner i.e. turn in it in to the teacher responsible for the room where it was found.

        Also if you turn lost property over to a police station (again, I only know this to be true for NSW) you can have them mark it as finder wishes to claim which means if they owner can’t be found after 1 month it’s yours guilt free and legal.

          Yeah if I find something that is clearly someone elses and I know I can't be caught I'm keeping it. And I bet a lot of other people would too.

            I know many people would keep it but if it you lost one wouldn't you be happy to be it back? Especially if it contained that important school assignment/ the novel you'd been working so hard on/ the list of all the bad karma you'd acquired flogging other peoples stuff.

            It might only be a $20 USB drive to you but to the owner the info on it might be priceless. $20 might be 6 months of their disposable income.

            I just wanted to point out that illegal as well as amoral and hopefully give the mythical angel on the shoulder little more chance at being herd over the yelling of the devil on the other shoulder.

    What I want to know is firstly whether I can make the 16gb partition on one of my portable HDD's and still use it for other stuff as well... but also whether or not I'm able to back these files up on another hard drive for safe keeping?

    I.e. I have a disproportionately large amount of saves for Oblivion and Fallout 3, which I want to keep, but take up heaps of room... would I be able to put them on another hard drive separate from the 16gb or whatever?

      Im pretty sure i read in one of the 1st reports that you can use 16gig of an external HDD and use the rest else where..... or was it that you can set aside x amount on a usb stick for the xbox?...

    Unless I'm wrong the reason that peripherals are so expensive is because they sell the Xbox 360 console is sold at a loss and they need to recoup some of those losses through sales of peripherals.
    So don't bitch about the high prices on the peripherals unless you want to pay extra on your console, cause I bet it would be a lot more than the difference on the peripherals. Not to mention that you have the choice whether or not you want to buy most of these peripherals, especially when in this case there are third party options.

    I heard that the 360-branded USB sticks are supposed to run significantly faster than other 3rd party USB's; to what extent is still unknown but surely a little patience is worth saving around $30

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