Salute Your New King Of Kong

Hit documentary "King of Kong" portrayed the real life battle between Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe over the world's highest Donkey Kong score. It's moot now, however, because a new challenger has beaten them both.

The 2007 film ends on a happy note, Wiebe hitting a new record score of 1,049,100 in his garage. Shortly afterwards, however, "bad guy" Billy Mitchell trumps the former Boeing engineer, racking up a score of 1,050,200, which had stood for three years as the world's highest tally in the game.

But no more! Hank Chien, a plastic surgeon from New York, has just beaten both "stars", breezing past Mitchell's mark to record a score of 1,061,700. His record has been officially verified by arcade authority Twin Galaxies, with the new score set on an original Donkey Kong cabinet in New York.


    Oh schnap!

    Sometimes i lie awake at night wondering if i too should devote my life to meaningless pursuits of long dead entertainment mediums.

    We who are about to Nerd, Salute you!

    I guess it has to happen sometime.

    Because no-one who comments on a video game blogging site could ever be a nerd...

    Comments on this are pretty hilarious.
    Good ol' Austin Powers.

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