Se7en Meets Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain for the PlayStation 3 is an emotionally engaging psychological thriller. Se7en, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, is an emotionally engaging psychological thriller. What happens when you combine the two?

As I played through Heavy Rain, I actually found myself waiting for the "What's in the box?" moment, so seeing a mash up of Quantic Dream's interactive fiction with Se7en just seems so natural to me.

Reader Tary Yu sent us a link to this little clip, expertly crafted by YouTube user and machinima artist LBQ2TS. Nicely done, especially the loading screen.


    That, is superbly done.

    Seriously, I'd love to see more of these done. Now let's see one done for Goodfellas!

    yeah really well done! i haven't seen se7en but dam i want to now!

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